Pink Paradise: Luz & Serena


If you're a Lesbian, the chances of seeing two femme-on-femme relationships in real life is as likely as smoking with a unicorn. I guess I am one of the lucky few who got to embrace such an experience. I've known Luz and Serena separately for quite a few years and spending time with them is always poppin'. These girls are my homies in every sense of the word and every time I get a chance to go back to my hometown, I immediately hunt them down. Luz called me up a few months ago asking me to create a photo book as an assignment for Serena's birthday; I could not be happier than to witness this project. Serena had no idea we were doing this, she was weirded out that I was following them around with a huge camera. These gorgeous girls are the epitome of goddesses. Long gorgeous locks, strong women essences and striking femininity are just some of their characteristics. Unfortunately, they face a lot of sexual harassment and discrimination because they're two pretty women who happen to love each other.

I want to share with the world a preview of my latest project on Lesbian culture and that fairy tale couples do exist with Pink Paradise. Thank you Luz and Serena for showing us how beautiful love can be. These photos were taken in front of a church in the middle of New York City. Happy Birthday Serena!

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You can follow their holy gayness via twitter: @SerenaSx33 and @elyouzee