Disrupting Stereotypes with AintILatina.com


In partnership with Internet Week NY, Ain’t I Latina? hosted “Disrupting Stereotypes: Image of Latinas in Digital Media” on Friday, May 23 at Alley NYC. Panelists included  writer and founder of The Essence of Me Tamika Burgess; Online Editor at Cosmo for Latinas Ariel Nagi and myself.  The conversation was moderated by AIL founder and editor-in-chief Janel Martinez. It was my first time sitting on a panel and I couldn't have been more excited to share my thoughts on race and media with a group of thought leaders. We discussed how Latinas are portrayed in media and how the digital world has provided a more diverse view of the modern Latina and ways to shatter existing stereotypes.See Aint I Latina's recap on Storify below where you can see the how the conversation shaped up and see the pictures that our very own SeeSantana captures here. Better late than never.