Alternative Pregnancy Test


People from the campos (countryside) have been known to be wise; they've found innovative, simple, and cost efficient ways of doing things. Their rural lifestyle and economic hardships led them to create alternative ways of doing things; some of which are still used or practiced today. Centuries ago they discovered an alternative pregnancy test to the one we are most familiar with, the at home pregnancy test. During my most recent trip to the Dominican Republic, I learned that women can test whether or not they are pregnant by using Jabon de Cuaba. As far as I can remember, Jabon de Cuaba has been a cultural staple for many Dominicans. As a kid I swore the soap had super powers because people would use it to bathe, wash dishes, laundry and even as a antibacterial soap. Talk about multipurpose! But leave it to a Dominican,we'll find multiple use for everything.

So when I first heard women can use Jabon de Cuaba for a pregnancy test, I laughed. I turned to Facebook and posted a status. I was surprised at the number of people that were familiar with the test. For those who just learned about it like I did, here's how you can find out if you're baby proof with just a little bar of soap:

  1. Pee in a glass.
  2. Place a small cube of a never before used Jabon de Cuaba in your urine
  3. Wait a few mins.

If the urine "se corta" (stays the same) then it's positive. Si "hace lavaza" (if it creates bubbles) you are not. There you go, a nice little affordable secret from our ancestors.