Art Talk With SeeSantana: Bottled Kisses


Without a doubt art is an expression of life and whether or not it can be defined is up to its interpreter. These past few weeks I've been reflecting on multitude aspects of my being; specifically concerning my lifestyle choices and every day habits. Without getting too personal, I'd say that my romantic endeavors are far from the cookie-cutting vanilla ideal relationships (although it'd be nice to have) and has definitely reigned a significant amount of influence on my creativity and life decisions. This piece, "Bottled Kisses", is centered on alcohol, Lesbian erotica and eccentricity. The desperation for something more than is given, a high that isn't satisfying, the need and desire for an unattainable ecstasy. In adulthood, most people resort to drinking when courting or easing the tension of intimacy. Sapphic erotica tends to be more passive aggressive as women are much more nurturing in nature. A passionate flaw that I feel that most artists encounter in their craft, is wanting to find, or define, the end itself. I've seen artists destroy masterpieces over that feeling, lost in destruction and hungry for a finish line to their work.

"Bottled Kisses"is a release of pain and pleasure, love and lust, light and darkness and an escape to the numbness.