F-Art: Records For Posterity

Organic inspiration.
Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 6.14.02 PMI came across Michelle's work doing one of my daily random searches on Google. I ended up on a community forum and read some of Michelle's responses. I was curious to learn more about this woman who had a special way with words. Soon after, I came across her twitter profile @MichelePhant which drove me to her Tumblr page. When I realized that she was also a visual artist I wasn't surprised.
Her tumblr page is filled with tons of relatable illustrations and messages. They're positive reminders of how to deal with life and they also capture some of our most common feelings and or emotions. She uses the caption "records for posterity" often which makes me think that she cares for the future of this generation and the one that will come next.
Michele Phant
She's also into nude drawing. Her illustrations of naked ladies (or nudie judies as Michele calls them) are her take on femininity and confidence in today's hyper-sexualized media. I really dig them. Especially the fact that they are bra less. The boobs to me represent a fertile woman, all in her prowess.
When she's not sketching or drawing, Michele is a part of the Product team for Square, that card reader that you've seen most coffee shops and your friends use to charge you for your purchase. Talk about smart. I can look at Michele's simple work all day. Visit http://michelephant.com/ to keep up with her newest illustrations.