Spirit Flashback: The Old You


Ever felt like you missed yourself? You finally did that thing that you had put off for a while, and that your soul was screeching for. I felt that way for the last few weeks and finally made the time to go into a dance studio. I lost myself in the four (8) counts that I learned that night. It was like reviewing a language class that I took years ago; synchronizing my mind with my body. Going back into sides of yourself that you've put off is like going back to a conversation that you had but never finished. But how can going back help you move forward? [Questions that I ask myself whenever I feel that way] 

But here's the good side. Going back into things that you once were connected to is one of the best relationships that you'll have with yourself. One that you can always pick up right where you left off. It's a great feeling to know that you haven't completely lost it, that it hasn't completely left your memory and that it still indeed lives within your soul.  
Whether it's dance, singing, painting, or playing an instrument-- pick it up from time to time. Let your energy re-charge itself. Remind yourself of that old you that has made you who you are today. Michele Phant says "Create enough new memories of you acting like your old self until you finally feel like your old self again. It works. Trust me."

What are your thoughts and comments on how to get the old you back?

Fearless Leon