Stellar Mind, Body and Soul


A few weeks ago, Stellar Collective held "Stellar Mind Body and Soul", a community forum on finding positive energy, creative motivation and balance. The forum took place in Harlem and was led by my friend Leo Bojos and . She handed out index cards with a question on it for everyone to answer. The group sat in a circle and each individual answered their perspective question. Here are some of the best quotables of the evening. I hope that you get inspired as I did.

"Worst experiences influence me the most. It reminds me that there's something within me that won't break."

"Inspiration is about what you surround yourself with."

"Have a healthy distance with negativity."

"Those people that keep you on your toes--that's who you have to keep around."

"Create things that don't exist. It takes courage to do this but do it."

"Your idea of what you want is what you will attain.

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