Basic Instinct, No Sharon Stone


True fashionistas loves a good eye accessory. Whether it's funky frames or sunglasses, you'll own a pair or two--or three :) Brooklyn based eyewear designer, Sherine Patrick has been slowly but surely growing her hand embellished eyewear line, Enerjiee. Her designs range from lady like cat-eyes to retro bottle caps. Most recently, her work has been revered by the likes of  OK Magazine, InStyle Magazine, and

Her latest collection, Basic Instinct, is one that that was inspired by the film noir classic, Basic Instinct. With leather, special edition aurora borealis swarovski and full pavéd lenses gracing the lens of these pieces, the collection attempts to capture the feminine and raw sexual "Enerjiee" of the film. The face of the collection is sultry Latina model,  Sasha Altiery, who delivers a new millenium take on the iconic Ms. Sharon Stone.

My personal favorite from the collection is the shield frame. There's something about them that just screams "I'm confident". Take a look at a few of the pictures of Basic Instinct's look book and head over to if you're looking for a fun and sexy pair of frames for the fall.

Photos by Chris O'Conner of GC Photographers

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