ArtTalk with SeeSantana: Savor

My mixed media piece "Savor" is a collage of photography, digital manipulation and the celebration of fabrics. One day as I was walking past Penn Station, I approached a tourist souvenir store. At the front of the store there was a folding table stacked with men's work apparel, more specifically men's button up and some sort of variation of tie styles.
I took of a photo of it. In the main background, sitting on a NJ transit bus, I admired how my beige army cargo fatigue pants made the seating of the transit bus disoriented. I took a photo of it. At the upper right hand corner of the art piece there is a sparkling square, rotated on its sides. The color pattern makes me nostalgic of a colorful time I never lived through or a tropical environment. I also feel that if this piece were edible, it would have an explosion of flavors.


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