ArtTalk With SeeSantana: Metropolitan Woman

Metropolitan Woman
Photography x Graphic Design x Fabric x Media Media
24 x 36

I made this piece in early 2011 when I was first experimenting with Photoshop and Graphic Design. I fell in love with the limitless opportunity to make a collage. I made a mixed piece about a specific type of girl in a materialistic lifestyle. The modern-day Breakfast at Tiffany's. The fashionista. The metropolitan woman. We've all seen her, at least here in New York City. The kind of girl you see  lives, breathes and possibly knows nothing other than the next runway show or trends in fashion.

The tall buildings surrounding her swallow her intuition. These same tall buildings cut the wind in half from blowing away the smell of Chanel off her skin. In this mixed media piece, I used stamps and photos for the skyscraper Midtown Manhattan feel. The warm colors are the energies I envision when I think of busy.
She has no real head, she does not know where she is going but, she looks great, and that's all that matters right?