Checkpoint: What Do You Take With You? What Do You Leave?


Whenever we go on trips outside of our country, we have to pass by customs. As students of this voyage we call life, we travel roads and passages to grow--and just like a traveler crossing a border, we are stopped to check our baggage and assure that we don't bring things that are harmful or prohibited with us. This crossing can be difficult because we often times have to detach ourselves from the things that we have to leave behind since the things we bring with us are things that we feel we need. In the spiritual life we similarly go through customs. When we reach a new horizon in our lives, we are placed in situations where we have to choose if we're going to take something with us in our next step or chapter. Sometimes, we don't even have the option to choose. If you pay close attention, life gives us signs on the things (including people) that need to be dropped in order to move on.

Road into sky

Spiritual writer and spiritualist, Nina Pelletier says "Should your path have taken you to this checkpoint along the way, then maybe there's some bit of wisdom here to take with you or perhaps you could just leave some of your knowledge and experience on your way through." At times, we must forget what we learned in one chapter, to make room for the next. As we are constantly changing and evolving, so should our thoughts and beliefs.

Examine all that you bring with you whenever you open or walk through a door. Whether it's:

  • thoughts
  • people
  • beliefs
  • habits
  • addictions

Half of the time we don't NEED all of the baggage that we pack (things we hold on to). Growing sometimes has a price, and that's letting go of the things that are unwanted or unnecessary for the next chapter. 




Yours Truly,

Fearless Leon

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