The Significance of Our Hands


By Chandra Lee from Organic Flava's | Embrace Healthy Living We use our hands so much we never think about it. We have been using our hands since we were in our mother's uterus. At birth, we cling to our mother's breast while feeding. We use the strength of our hands as early as a month or two to push ourselves over, and then later to pull ourselves to our feet.

Be mindful of your hands, and how you use them to express yourself and your intent.

1. Mindfully serve food or give items away with your RIGHT Hand. 2. Likewise, receive items with your LEFT Hand. 3. Try writing with your less-dominant hand to strengthen that side of the Brain.

RIGHT HAND for Giving~

LEFT HAND for Receiving~

That's why God gave us TWO HANDS...ALL our Body Parts have a Purpose. Be Thankful & Give Back - Namaste!

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