Fearless Leona: Jaii Starr


sanfran copyA few weeks ago I flew out to California to work with East Coast model Jaii Star whom I had the pleasure meeting last year at Rainbow Fashion Week. Jaii and I spent a significant amount of time learning about each other's careers, successes, goals and ambitions and have been working on projects ever since. While some of the projects are undergoing maintenance and refinement for the next year or so, I received clearance to spill out unreleased photos of this eye candy in Sacramento and the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco.  Jaii Starr is a lively and high class individual and unique in her perspective and persona. We both agree that the Spanish food in California isn't so...spanish. Ladies love Jaii Starr and when I attended her meet-and-greet in San Fran, women were swarming around her and attacking each other for a signature, handshake and hopefully a lock of her hair. (You're my hero.) Her next meet-and-great will be at Barnes & Nobles(555 5th ave) on November 23rd at 3pm in New York City.

 Hey Jaii! Who exactly is Jaii Starr? 

"Who is Jaii Starr? Well, that is a great question. Jaii Starr is me just finding myself, wanting better for myself and others as well. My true aspiration is happiness and I judge my success by how many others I can get to join me on this new journey of mine, on thinking more positively about life. Making others see how amazing life can actually be. We all choose our own paths, it's up to us to use the beauty that is already all around us to create something even more beautiful. I am all about embracing different, embracing unique, not conforming to what society thinks life should be for me. I have my own definition of normalcy and it's absolutely crazy but, that is okay with me because I am in love with the person who I am becoming. Which is something I am hoping to instill in all of those who follow me. Do not sleep on your dreams, strive for them, because anything and everything is possible. Sure, life can be a constant struggle but, we are all warriors in our own way. Each day you wake up, just know, you have already conquered another day."

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 Who's your favorite all-time supermodel?
"Of course, I'm going to stay within the Androgynous category. I joke, I joke, no, no bias, but, I have to say Omahyra Mota. I love her edge and her free spirit. She's also my age and raised in NY, have to give it to her."
If you weren't modeling, what else would you be doing?
"Well, I'm actually studying for Exercise Science. I want to get into Personal Training and Life Coaching. I strongly believe that when someone is underweight or overweight there is an underlying cause behind it. Therefore, my goal is to transform a person not only physically but, mentally as well. I just want to see more happy, healthy, fit people in this world and all healing begins within. My goal is to educate, motivate and inspire, hoping that, it will become a trend."

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What makes you fearless? 

"I'd have to say, it was the way I was raised. My mom always instilled in me that I was capable of anything and everything that I set my mind to. I always was and have been her "Starr." My mother is a very strong person and she passed that trait along to me since I came out the womb. I must say she's my number one supporter and has never doubted me, which makes me fearless. With my mom and my younger sister by my side I know I can conquer the world and for them I will. Hence the "Superman" nickname... I'm their Superman!"



Height: 64in

Chest: 36in

Waist: 31in

Hips: 38in

Shirt Size: Small

Pant Size: 34

Shoe Size: 6.5 Men / 8 Women

Social Media Information:

Instagram: jaiistarr

Facebook Fan Page: Facebook.com/officialjaiistarr

YouTube Channel: Jaii Starr

Google+: Jaii Starr

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