La Negra: The Darker the Flesh, The Deeper the Roots


I'm not sure what's going on in the world but if no one is going to say it, then I most certainly will. What is going on with the Hispanic/Latino culture denying their African roots and culture?


I can't tell you how offended some of my fellow brown girls will be when someone mentions that their skin is black. They even go as far as denying that they are NOT black, however, they have kinky hair and dark skin. Innocent (yet ignorant) people will blatantly smile and tell me, "you're very pretty for a black girl." Since when is being black associated with being ugly? The subtle racism in the Hispanic/Latino community is heart-breaking and over-bearing. I've never thought that Halle Berry was ugly nor Beyonce was hideous, because they are not. They are successful, gorgeous and brown like a delicious coconut with cinnamon undertones that gleam in the sun.


I do not feel any sorrow nor need to apologize when a Dominican/Puerto Rican/Honduran/Colombian etc., woman has the ass, skin and kinks of the African that she is, who also happens to speak Spanish. She should be brutally proud of her exoticness. I've seen light-skinned/white Latinas make racial slurs at their darker counterparts although they have similar facial features as them.



Listen, I am not saying that we are 100% straight off of Africa, but what I am stating is that we should not deny that it is in our mix. There is absolutely no way that anyone in the Caribbean has no black in them, we migrated from the slave trade along with Spain. It even goes as far as saying you may not even be in existence if it were not the truth. We dye our hair, we change its texture, we deny who we are and feed into that poison of self-hate. We have to be fierce and fearless, and that requires you to fully accept who you are and where you came from. Eating at home with my family (being the only dark-toned person in my household) they refer to me as La Negra and they're damn straight and right about that!