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JetSetting Jasmine is an inspirational woman alongside being a heroine for women around the world. I was granted the opportunity to meet and work with Jasmine and through the journey I've witnessed the many lives she has touched and transformed. A frequent #womancrushwednesday on IG, Jasmine inspires women to get in touch with their sensuality and sexuality. Kickin' it with Jas, she opened up about her lifestyle choices, business moves, and family matters all the while becoming the superwoman she's risen to be. Who is Jet Setting Jasmine?

"I am a 30 something year-old woman that does not believe my experience as a woman has been unique to only me. Therefore. I am leading a life of sharing my experiences, curiosities and discoveries publicly to normalize the feminine experience creating a greater opportunity for all of us to learn and grown from one another. Jasmine is to some extent, an alter ego, in the way of allowing a great deal of vulnerability and honesty with hopes of helping others to reach their full potential. I work so much with intimate issues that I have to be able to share mine and deal with my personal hang ups constantly to remain relatable and empathetic to my clients. I am the owner of Jet Setting Jasmine LLC and co-owner of Body Altitudes Health and Wellness LLC and creator of Steel and Stilettos Fitness™. I have an entrepreneurial spirit that lends itself to developing interest and hobbies into sustainable careers."


How did you come up with this persona leading into your work today?

"As I was approaching 30 I wanted more freedom from the social construct that I had been living as a woman. I felt stifled by the idea of pretending to be a shy, sexually oppressed and over-sexualized being. I felt like I was having a hard time deciding if I should have the persona of a stereotypical housewife/mother or that of a sex pot. I felt tied to the social and religious dogma of those around me, including family and friends instead of developing those values and practices of my own. It was liberating to allow myself to have these thoughts. I was facing challenges with being a mother…as if that part of my identity trumped all others. The more I gave these feelings and thoughts attention, the more I started to talk to other women (and men) about their experiences; and learned I was not alone AT ALL. It was almost as if everyone was waiting on permission to experience themselves sexually, intimately and personally... for themselves. I began to receive feedback that many of my friends had no idea what they had liked and did not like and so much had been either defined by past partners, television or societal expectations. This was an opportunity for me to take the risk of exploring myself intimately and taking everyone along for the ride, for a nominal fee --- the birth of Jet Setting Jasmine! The discovery of fetishes, lifestyles, sexual/sensual experiences and working through hang ups has been one of the most gratifying experiences to date—being able to share this with hundreds of single women and couples has been beyond my worldly expectations."

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You inspire women to be sexy. What inspired you to do so?

"When you have the opportunity to meet me you will be surprised at how many ranges of sexy I can pull off! I am very proud to find sexy in almost everything that I do. I find the sexy in running from one meeting to another, while coordinating my kid’s birthday weekend! I find myself to be sexy working on my pole choreography and or lifting weights. I learned through my own self awareness and taking the time to admire other women, that sexy is confidence. Women express confidence in so many ways—to narrow it down to crawling on a floor in fishnet stockings is to reduce the power of a woman! I love the moment that I am with a client and we discover her sexy! When does she find herself the most attractive? The most confident? The most magnetic? THAT’s her sexy! The ability to be aware of my many moments of confidence and celebrate my own personal sexiness is what has influenced me to help others do the same. It is so reassuring to know that as physical attributes may fade with time, I am not subjected to only one form of sexy."


You had children at an early age; tell us more about overcoming the struggle for women who were in that situation.

"I had my two daughters at age 20 and 24.  While they became a part of my life earlier than I expected and I experienced a very tumultuous relationship; they have provided me the greatest source of focus, purpose and serious motivation towards all goals!  As a young parent I committed to all of my “pre-parenting” goals.  I have for the most part stuck to the course that I wanted for my life.  It has been very fulfilling to let my daughters be a part of my accomplishments as I am a part of their milestones.  I have not sacrificed my identity to be a good mother.  I think that this is very important is that parenting is frustrating and challenging enough, even more so when you are unable to meet your personal goals. It is so important to me that my children see me as their first role model and example of a woman; flaws and all.  Financially, it has been a struggle and I have made it a part of our family principles to understand Maslow’s hierarchy of need!  We understand needs vs. wants in our household very well.  Even at this point where we are not as financially challenged, the children and I know the importance of a need, want and how to save for our goals.  We have developed our own family traditions that work for our family make up and “style”—for example instead of trying to be like other families and buy expensive Christmas gifts, we save up for a special trip each Christmas. Sometimes this is a local stay-cation and other years we have gone abroad.  The three of us are a team and we make each day work for the greater good!  My daughters have a great deal of responsibilities because we have to put in equally as a team.  I have also worked very hard not to feel guilty for the decisions I have made as a single parent, I am upfront with the kids about not having all the answers but making decisions based on my experience and with their best interest in mind.  It is a daily struggle to be a good parent, do not discredit the work that you are doing every day; but it will be far greater of a struggle not to develop yourself simultaneously." 


Screen Shot 2014-12-21 at 11.16.55 PMHow do you balance being a mother of two, running your business and traveling and staying a sexy and fit woman between it all?

"First things first, THANK YOU! Some days I am balanced and some days I am not.  The first is being realistic and constantly reprioritizing.  Some days my business needs my greatest level of attention and other days my children need all of my attention and presence.  I am constantly reprioritizing and deciding what is in the greatest interest of the family.  I am honest with my family – staying home to go to the mall this weekend would be great—traveling to make our family’s financial goal for the month would be best.  I make a point to have family meetings at the beginning of each month to make sure all of our schedules are on the calendar and no one misses a special event because of my schedule and or commitments.  When I come home from a trip, we have a check in meeting and usually do something special to reconnect and spend some time. My business partners understand my familial commitments and we schedule events accordingly and or step up as needed to make sure the business needs are met.  I have an amazing support system including my mother, close friends and sorority sisters; so my kids are surrounded by great people when I need extra hands on deck!  I also work with my kids—we run the studio as a family business; they teach, run the front desk, answer calls and handle payroll.  So again, running the business and our family life as a team allows us the time and resources to enjoy each other when work is done.  We are headed into our slow season for both the fitness studio and JSJ business, so there will be a lot of family time!  As for fitness, I am walking marketing for my companies –staying in shape, eating healthy and having a realistic goal for my body is important.  I work out and eat healthy as often as possible to maintain a fit figure.  However, more importantly is to maintain and healthy body and mind –fitness is one of the things that give me peace of mind and allows me to be creative.  So I sneak in as many Zumba & Booty Jam Fitness classes as I can when I am at my studio.  I also work hard behind the scenes at developing new exercises for Steel and Stilettos Fitness™, so when I am practicing –I am working out!"

Screen Shot 2014-12-21 at 11.21.03 PM What makes you fearless?

"Every time I face a fear or take a risk …I feel Fearless! I live by this “Whatever scares you most –do it….do it now” …my most successful moments are when I was scared shitless and I did it anyway….that is when the magic happens!"

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