Accion Poetica: A Literary Mural Movement

We all know that Spanish is one of the Romance languages. Growing up, I didn't think there was much romance to our dialect. That's because Dominican spanish is a tongue of its own, and far from the Castellano Spanish that Spain prides itself with. Things like "ella si 'ta buena" (she's hot), did the least to make me feel like my people were romantic. This past summer, after a 6-year hiatus I finally paid a visit to my folks motherland. I gained a lot more than what I expected during my trip. I discovered parts of our culture that I didn't know, like the huge annual EDM concert Barbarella, where I got to see Hardwell perform. One other discovery was DR's role in the literary and poetic phenomenon that is Accion Poetica. Accion Poetica is a collective of poets from all around Latin American countries who leave romantic quotes or saying on murals . The spanish literary mural movement started in Monterrey, Mexico, in 1996 as a way for poets to leave their mark on urban streets and has extended to Angola and Italy. You will find murals in each country with quotes on love and life and signed by the poet.

For every mural, there is an emotional connection. I couldn't help  but to jump out of the car every time I bumped into a mural. From Santiago to Santo Domingo, it was beautiful to discover new quotes during our drive. The picture below was my favorite from the sightings in Santiago, R.D.


I love when I see DR's involvement in large movements. We aren't a part of the world cup--facts like this always make me wonder about our people and how we exclude ourselves from certain Latin American world events.

Here are a few Accion Poetica murals across Latin America.

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