ArtTalk with SeeSantana: Kickin' It with Mojo Disco


Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 12.23.13 AM Everyone in the city of New York has their own version of New York City. My New York is the underground art scene, the bohemian artists and the exclusivity of the urban nightlife that only the legends of the streets may call you to. Let's talk about the man of mystery, the king of androgyny and the living legend himself, Mojo Disco.

Upon my first few weeks of visiting New York, I was a regular at poetry cafes and dingy warehouses during the wee hours of the night. A good friend of mine had convinced me to go the heart of Brooklyn, (a planet that I still do not visit on my off-time) to see an event called Paint and Poetry. What originally sounded like a workshop turned out to be the New York scene I had been looking for upon my arrival. I walked into Bel Biv Divoe spinning off a turntable  and artwork that cried and screamed talent off the walls. A crowd of originality, eclectic shades of brown and retro timeless styles that opened my soul. I laid eyes upon the alluring and captivating Mojo Disco, whose style is uniquely androgynous and is famously re-blogged all over tumblr.

His teal-dyed dreads have became the classical icon of I had made it my mission to be acquainted with this ethereal individual and a few months later I was blessed with a chance to kick it with him. We spoke of psychic energies, multi-dimensional human personalities, celebrity lifestyle entwined with socialism and the racial diaspora that is sprinkled all over our bohemian version of New York. Mojo handpicks and strengthens the artists of who he represents at his shows(which pull in way over a hundred visitors) and encourages his artists who exclusively paint to create collections. As a social activist online, he never misses a chance to educate the black community and support the arts. He is fearless and compassionate and unapologetically an out-of-worldly experience in a human shell. Mojo Disco, you are forever my #mancrushmonday.


1. Who is the identity of Mojo Disco? How'd you acquire the name?

"Mojo Disco was birthed from a place of freedom within myself. The name came to me in a dream and I have been living it ever since."

2. You're a pretty big deal in Brooklyn and all of underground New York. What made you create Paint & Poetry?

"I created Paint And Poetry in January 2012 as a means to give our generation and culture a direct voice. I knew there was more to us than turning up and being ratchet (not saying those things are wrong). But it's better to balance it out with our Art."

3. Favorite moment in Paint and Poetry:

"Too many to name. But I think one of the major highlights is when we have our annual month of August Paint And Poetry live on the beach. The atmosphere is just too inspiring."

4. Where is it heading? Where is Mojo heading to?

"We are in the development of transitioning to television. I'm very excited about that. There is no telling where Mojo is going because the possibilities are endless! Just make sure to lookout."

5. Androgyny and style. Who or what influenced you?

"I am influenced by life and the nature of both men and women. My style influences would have to be Erykah Badu, Andre 3000, and Black Culture in general."

Make sure you follow him:

IG: @mojodisco  @paintandpoetrynyc

Twitter : @mojodisco @paintandpoetrynyc

Hashtag: #paintandpoetry

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