Tatyana Dyer: Fearlessly Sharing Her Passion


IMG_0100A “Cornucopia of Creativity” is how I like to describe Tatyana Dyer. Born and bred in Los Angeles, CA, Tatyana can pretty much do everything from photography to comedy writing. Anything she puts her mind to she succeeds at. As Tatyana continues to pursue her creative outlets, she has been pulled in a completely new direction. Under the moniker Edjo Uto, Tatyana has leapt face forward into the world of music production. Great talent brings about the issue of self-doubt. When you put something special out into the world, you subject yourself to all forms of criticism. With her aggressively chill personality, Tatyana exudes confidence. But just like the rest of us, she had to push herself to open up and share her most liberating venture to date. In the interview below, Tatyana talks about that experience and more.

Out of making beats, drawing, singing, and everything else you do- which speaks to you most?

I’ve spent many years in film, photography, comedy writing, and doodling in sketchbooks. And I DO love them all but music came in recently and shook my entire universe. I create to explore my psyche, intentions, lessons, and then to connect. I go into music with specific emotions and when I come out on the other side of completing a song, I feel like I have accurately sealed my intentions. I have never felt that way with any other medium, so music has definitely spoken to me the most.



Having the confidence to put yourself and your music out to the world is something we often talk about. Prior to putting your music out, what was holding you back?

I felt like I had poured so much emotion into the music and I was more concerned with the way it would be received than I was my intentions and desire to heal and connect. Once I discovered that I was capable of arranging sound, I instantly fell in love. Like when you see the face of a child and think wow, I want to nurture this and build a village with and around this because every single part of me is somehow being preserved and immortalized in this. I didn’t know how to share this new birth, this new life, this new me. I was afraid.



What gave you the push to actually setup your site and put your music out there?

I actually started producing music in an effort to cope with insomnia. I would be up at 3am experiencing this inexplicable void. Once I started producing I realized it was me pouring all of my compassion, fear, and uncertainty into the ethereal language. I was no longer limited to any written language to express these feelings. I felt some level of divinity in that. We all have very similar challenges and hardships and I hope my transparency can bring many of us together so that we can connect, heal, and find peace in time cycles. I’m also looking for mentors and to learn new concepts and ways of creating sound. So I thought if I opened up about it maybe I can connect with other producers, engineers, and musicians.



How have the responses and reactions made you feel? What has it done for your confidence?

I’ve been receiving a lot of positive feedback. Honestly, it’s still very peculiar. I’m shy about everything I create so now I just feel anxious to learn and delve deeper into auditory frequencies and how to master them. I’m ready to learn and connect mostly.



What advice would you offer anyone who is experiencing the same resistance to putting their creative talents out for the world?

Trust the creator. Trust yourself. Trust the process. Focus on what you would like to express and while mastering yourself master the medium in which you intend to express your emotions. Focus on sealing your intentions. Avoid trying to keep up with trends or being impressive, just be honest and the like minded will be drawn to you when the time is right.


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