10 Ways to Invest in Yourself


If you’ve taken out student loans and then proceeded to stress about them, you’ve probably already heard the affirmation “the best investment you can make is in yourself.” That doesn’t make paying off a mountain of debt any easier, though. Indeed, most graduates regret their hefty student loans at some point in their careers. As strange as it might sound, that phrase really is true, though. You are your own best asset, and only you can harness it—your—power. Read on for 10 ways to invest in yourself in the coming year, and start taking advantage of your ever-increasing ROI.

1) Start a workout routine. Your physical health is directly linked to your mental dexterity. Even if you need a gym membership to maintain the motivation to work out, it’ll likely be worth that extra expense—if you actually go!

 2) Take a class. Whether you have your GED. or Ph.D., your local community college can be a great resource to further your learning without making you spend loads on tuition. Some of your favorite courses might require prerequisites, but that just means you get to invest in yourself even more.

3) Read a nonfiction book. While it is true that fiction can teach us about life, love and everything in between, nonfiction is the heart and soul of learning. Head to your local bookstore and browse through the shelves for a nonfiction work that looks appealing to you.

 4) Take a day off. Seriously. Your mental health is important, and sometimes we all just need a day to relax. This could be the single best investment you make in the coming year, even if it means cashing in on 8 hours of hard-earned sick time.

 5) Get a magazine subscription on a topic you’re genuinely interested in, and read each issue from cover to cover.

 6) Take a trip. This might be one of the costlier ways to invest in yourself, but it can also provide one of the greatest returns. Save a little of each paycheck—certainly easier said than done, but still possible—and book your trip as soon as you have enough for the airfare. You’ll be excited to save for the rest of it once you realize it’s actually happening.

 7) Go to a nice restaurant with your significant other and actually enjoy the meal. Don’t take photos of your food, don’t fill up on bread and don’t skip dessert. Instead, savor every bite, and enjoy the easy conversation. This one counts as investing in your relationship, too, and it’s something you should do as often as time and finances allow.

8) Learn how to cook healthy meals at home. This tip is similar to tip number one, because a healthy body leads to a healthy mind. Investing in your own wellbeing is one of the best investments you can make.

9) Find a mentor. A successful mentorship is not one of those relationships you can force, but you can be on the lookout for people whom you admire who would also be willing to proffer advice.

10) Get dressed up—for yourself. It’s always fun to plan a date night and get dressed up for your significant other, but don’t forget to take care of yourself when no one’s looking, too. Straighten your hair on your day off; buy a sexy night shirt that only you get to see at bedtime; do whatever it takes to make you feel good for YOU.

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