Ariona's Birthday + Issue XX Insta Recap


Art is the highest luxurious good anyone can have. This past weekend, an apartment loft in Bedford Stuyvesant housed the artwork of some pretty wild creatives. Jade Renee traveled all the way from Ohio to hold Issue XX. The night long event was based around feminism in the arts, as she personally thinks that women should feel empowered by their artistic abilities and be confident in expressing them to the world. Through, Issue XX she wanted to celebrate the ambitious woman chasing her dreams through the arts. Jada had been following the artists involved in the show on social media 6 months prior to the show, and would always appreciate their art whenever she saw it on her timeline. When it came time to plan the showcase with Ariona she already knew who she wanted to reach out to. INDI ARRY FLYER TRY copy

I asked Jada why she called the show Issue XX and I was surprised by her beautiful response:

The title of the event was  "Issue XX" which represents the female chromosome and genetic makeup of the woman. Inside of the woman is where creation starts. The works of Saturday night all represent creation, independence, freedom, sexual expression and uniqueness, all categories used to describe the manifestation of a woman from the artists point of view of course.

It was a pleasure to be able to share my evening with the gems of the New New York. All of the artwork was eccentric, unique and definitely catered to the feminine spirit. Participating artists included Rebecca Brosnan, Yng Kara, Jessica Mata, Egypt, Mychal Renee, Lauralee Benjamin, Ken Mckabre,  Demi Vera, Alecxis Kelly, and Giovanna Santiago. FearlessLeon's See Santana took this show's opportunity to showcase her latest ventures into afro Caribbean style and geometric exploration with a touch of nostalgia. See the instagram recap of the evenings exploration of feminine freedom.

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  FearlessLeon's See Santana and Ariona Beninato: 

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