Meditating While in Transit


Ever felt like you just needed a moment to yourself during your daily commute? A second to recollect, get your head back in the game, and shift your focus. At the moment, it may seem impossible to achieve as tuning out the noise around you is not a simple task. I challenge myself to meditate every time I ride the J train from Brooklyn into Manhattan. It gives me a moment to recenter my thoughts and become one with the world around me. Meditation gives me an overwhelming feeling of confidence and gets me in my right mindset to begin the day.


Meditation is a great way to de-stress and release any fear or built up anxiety and has been found to work just as effective as anti-depressants. Any spiritual soul knows the many benefits of meditation. Meditating in public can be difficult because it is so easy to be distracted. The trick of meditating in public is to use the sounds around you to help increase your awareness of the present moment. Listening to meditation music also helps, but if you don’t have the pleasure of being able to listen to music, then become one with the sounds around you. Allow yourself to hear the sounds of the life you have created around you. Pay attention to the soft sounds, the engine of the subway or the commotion of the cab, and allow yourself to really become a part of the environment you're in.

If you’ve never meditated in public before here is a few simple steps:

Close your eyes and just breathe. Focus on strong, deep breaths. Another helpful tip is to create your own affirmations.

“I AM”

“I am Peace, I am Love, I am Light”

“Today, I chose confidence over fear.”

Focus on your centering thought whatever it may be and repeat your affirmation to yourself until it becomes second nature. Concentrate on your breathing, and focus on your affirmation. Repeat your affirmation for as long as you need, and if you ever get off track remember to just re-focus on your centering thought. Or even just simply focus on your breath, and every time you catch your thoughts wandering return your focus back to your breath.


Meditation helps the time pass and allows you to focus right before you arrive at your destination.  Mediation in transit is about having complete mindfulness of the present moment. When you have complete mindfulness of the present moment you are more aware of the energy you are allowing to come in and of the energy you are emitting out.

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