Lido From The 6: Toronto's Alternative Promise


Featured photo: Mickey Nielsen Lido Pimienta reminds me of the flying toy fairies that as a kid made me feel feminine (the Flutterbye), and the mermaids that I saw in movies and that I secretly wished I had a friendship with (I would have settled for a mermaid pen pal). Not sure if its because she makes me think of childhood magical folk stories or because her essence is inspired by supernatural things.

I first learned about Lido through Director Jonathan Argudo who met her during his exploratory trip to Colombia. He shared:

"Passionate and ferocious, Lido does not hesitate to speak her mind to you bluntly. Her music is unconventional to every degree. The sounds, her lyrics, and the message in her songs distinguish Lido from the over saturated market of female artists catering to the male audience's sexual sensibilities. Her music is about heart break, love, and expresses a vulnerability that does not compromise her strong female identity."

Lido Pimienta is a Colombian-Canadian musician and visual artist. She first spread her music wings in 2010, with the release of her Color LP. Her unique Latin alternative sound is fused with Afro-Colombian culture and indigenous chants. Her English and Spanish song lyrics are social political and highlight social injustices; a reflection of her experiences as a Colombian immigrant and a woman of color. In between her music career, she manages to be a full-time mom to her son Lucian.

It was much more than a honor to be able to get to know more about her through Fearless Leon. I have yet to meet her in person and she's one of those people that you just connect with via energy. Her music has this ability of opening up another realm of my consciousness. So here it is a piece of the whimsical creature that is Lido Pimienta.

What's the story behind your artistic name Lido Pimienta?

There is none! It is not my artistic name, it is my birth name. My father and mother sensed I would be an artistic person the moment they saw me and gave me the most extravagant name a child from the coast of Colombia would have.


Your paintings have a unique style? Where are they inspired from?

My biggest inspiration are people. People and the emotional ties that we all share. People's expression and their eyes, their sorrow and happiness. People are my biggest inspiration.



When did you first realize that you wanted to share your music with the world?

It did not come as a realization, it was just something I did, all the time, everywhere. I am lucky my voice has proven strong to capture some nice ears.

I like that, very humble. How do you balance being a mom and your music career?

Just like any mother balances her career, with keeping a schedule, drinking lots of water and surrounding myself with love. I give my child lots of fun but also loads of discipline and rules, I bring my kid 'to work' and involve him in as many things I do as possible so that I know I am still able to be an artist and also, i am extremely lucky because I belong to a fierce community of women, my sisters in Toronto who are always there for me when I need to play a show late or if i have to stay up late at the library doing school work, community and a schedule, just like any other mom who has to juggle things to keep the family together and still live her life to the fullest.


Do non-physical things inspire you? If so, what are those things?

Water. Spirit. Sound. Dreams.

Those all inspire and guide my path.


Which one of the 5 earth elements do you feel the most connected to and why?

Water. Because I am it and because I need it to survive, because it gives life and revives plants and is essential. I see myself as an important being that is essential to the world, I am a mother, I am water.

IMG_5605Lido is currently working on her forthcoming album titled "La Papessa", which translates as High Priestess in English . Follow's this cultural vessel on her Souncloud and keep up with her life and music career on her Facebook page.

Photos by: Damian Lebinski

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