Brighten Thy Bulb- Listen To A Inspirational Audio Vision Board by @ItsTracyG


Here's audio for the soul, for every Fearless Leona on her journey. tracyg#ShesBeautyAndTheBeast is a mantra for our universe’s power gem – the multi-faceted, bold ass young woman who cares just as much about quenching her spiritual needs as she does her sexual needs. Created by on-air edutainer Tracy G. of Sway In The Morning, but fueled by the many layered souls she meets, She’s Beauty And The Beast is a growing brand for the resplendently dope who are continually looking to elevate from inward out.

These audio vision boards serve as She’s Beauty And The Beast’s first offspring for women addicted to good vibes only. A series of modernized, downloadable affirmations that offer an empowering, non-holier-than-thou, mega digestible voice any time, any where right in your headphones. Whether that's to paint the day's intentions in gold or for when shit just gets real.

Put your headphones on, close your eyes and roar.