Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy, She's Not Easy

 Photo from Huffpost.

Walk up in the club and err-body giving you daps. All the ladies give you the bedroom eyes and your sexiness is just oozing out of your pores. You’re El Papi Shampoo De La Facundo Smooth and Misses Panty Droppa, everybody and their grandmothers want you. You had to wake up and turn off your swag to keep the ladies off ya this morning’.

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Then you see her across the dance floor, your ideal mate and the wife you would slaughter all of the earth’s population for. She’s not paying you attention, she doesn’t know you exist and surprisingly enough, she has not noticed you. What are you to do when you’re the sexiest thing that has happened to women since lingerie…yet you can’t get her to notice you?


It’s way too early for you to put a ring on her finger and you don’t want to creep out your potential genetically modified egg carrier.


What can you do to get her to talk to you?


Maybe you want to slide her a drink from across the bar or tell her friend that you’re interested in her. How about being cool and mysterious? No? How bout’ a shmoke and a pancake?


She is not easy. She is probably over-protective of her heart or extremely selective, either way you want to squeeze yourself into her final selection in mating. Survival of the fittest, what makes you stand out? Ladies, if being rejected by society for loving another woman is not bad enough, we all know that rejection in dating is hard to deal with. Lord knows I rather be attacked by an army of salamanders than get rejected.


I have also found that if you are brave and appear confident(sober or not) your chances of seeing her panties may be in your favor. Being confident says that you have no worries about your standing in the world, you’ll be okay with or without her. Take the extra step in romancing her but don’t be desperate. Desperate isn’t sexy.


Chances are she already knows what she’s looking for, so make sure you keep yourself in front of her eyeballs in proper format so that you’re all she’s looking at.


Life tip: simply saying “hey” can get you laid more than you can imagine. Stay golden, pony boy.