Cosmic Spiderweb Sculptures Exhibit


2015. Spidersilk, carbon fibre sticks, glass.

Spiderwebs are symbolic for many things including mystery, power and growth. As spiders weave their webs, we too weave our lives. Our personal webs are a map of where we've been and the different directions that we've been pulled in. In "HYBRID SOLITARY... SEMI-SOCIAL QUINTET... ON COSMIC WEBS",  Tomas Saraceno showcases his years of research and collaboration with biologists, archeologists, engineers and astrophysicists to map out societal complexities and possibilities with a presentation of new hanging sculptures and a major installation that transforms the ground floor gallery space into an immersive universe.

The exhibit runs until May 2nd (my birthday) at the Tanya Bonakdar Gallery Catch the live spiders and explore the mind of Tomas Saraceno.