Atrevete! When The City Feeds Your Spirit


One of the most overused phrases I hear is, "it is not the destination that counts, but the journey itself." On my way to a gallery in the lower east side I stumbled upon the First Street Garden and found this phrase to ring true. At first it looks like a deserted alley, but upon closer inspection you see murals surrounding each wall with pictures and quotes of women who have fought for our rights. It is a small garden founded in 1983. It is a place created as an escape for young girls to come together and learn about each other and grow. It is a sister circle held by the city for us to come and go as we please. Even when entering alone you feel a sense of belonging. I was able to take a few pictures and if you are ever in the area feel free to pass by. It is located on 48 East 1st Street. It is also good to note that we must keep our sense of curiosity alive for we never know what we might run into. Click on the pictures below for a closer view. 







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"One had better die fighting injustice than live like a rat in a trap." - Ida B Wells

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"You must never be fearful of what you're doing when it's right." - Rosa Parks


"As a woman I can't go to war and refuse to send anyone else." - Janette Rankin