10 of The Best Quotes From Devon Franklin's Produced by Faith


Produced-by-Faith-620x480You are the movie. Literally and figuratively. This is the message that Devon Franklin, movie studio executive and preacher declares in his inspirational book Produced by Faith. From the starting point Many of us struggle to hold on to our faith and we often look for models . Devon Franklin compares the filmmaking  process of a Hollywood film to our purposeful lives while  using his own story as a testimony. You will learn that the work that it takes to reach our goals involves casting, pre-production, budgeting, development, and even marketing and publicity.  A screen play is constructed on a three-act basis and so our our lives. He urges for us to understand each stage of our individual stories and recommends that we place our faith at the center of our careers for success. Devon's model is easy to follow and makes a lot of sense for those of us in and out of the entertainment industry.

Produced by Faith  ends with this firm message:

Take the initiative. Go out on a limb. Make the first move. No one but God can define who or what you are. When you step out in faith, he will bring you opportunities and opportunities that surpass even your wildest expectations.

I would recommend this book to anyone who is struggling with their faith and who enjoys reading material on personal development. Here are my top 10 quotes:

  1. "Don't take shortcuts; if I want to be true to my beliefs, then shortcuts do not exist."
  2. "When you get something that you don't work for, you won't know how to value or maintain it."
  3. "God sometimes intends for us to gain insight from the clues provided to us through the circumstances of our lives."
  4. "When God sends you notes, he is trying to course correct a part of your story. It is up to you to be humble, accept God's notes and act on them in good faith."
  5. "We frequently forget that the passion we feel is placed in us  by God. Listen to the voice of your passion and it won't lead you astray."
  6. "Don't abandon what makes you who you are. Don't give up hope."
  7. "Commit to a career built on sacrifice, not compromise."
  8. "Your faith is the foundation of your values--the driving force behind the vision of who you are and how you operate in this world."
  9.  "Trust the gifts that God has placed within you."
  10. "Let your actions preach for you."