Haitian Artist Collective Helps Photographer Turn Tarot Cards Into Real Life Provocative Scenes

I've seen quite a few tarot decks in my lifetime and the thought of the images being real was something that often crossed my mind. These mysterious future telling cards have always been very detailed with colors and symbols. Documentary photographer, Alice Smeets, took these thoughts exactly to birth Ghetto Tarot, a creative photo series that captures the spiritual world with Haitian artist collective Atiz Rezistans. Her images transform the Rider-Waite tarot deck to real life scenes in the ghetto's of Haiti. I commend Alice for taking this step to add positive light to an ancient duality. She is working on turning Ghetto Tarot into a real deck  of cards through her IndiGogo campaign. The campaign has just 25 days left for those who want to support. I just wish it would have been called something else. The work is stunning nonetheless. See the side by side photos for yourself below:


To see more from Alice or browse through more of her favorite Ghetto Tarot photos, check out her 500px profile or give her a follow on Facebook and Twitter. And if you’d like to support the project, head over to Indiegogo and pledge your donation to secure your very own deck of Ghetto Tarot cards.