[PHOTOS] New York City Supports #BaltimoreUprising Through Fearless Solidarity

On the evening of April 29th, 2015, hundreds of New Yorkers gathered in Union Square to march in solidarity for Baltimore and the death of Freddie Gray. Organized by the Millions March coalition, the demonstration resulted in over 1,000 people walking the streets of New York City.  As people marched north of Union square, smaller protests gathered in Herald Square, Columbus Circle, and Times Square. The demonstration led to over 100 arrests as protesters shut down the Holland Tunnel and parts of the Westside Highway. Freddie Gray, 25, died more than two weeks ago after his spine was nearly severed while in Baltimore police custody.

Demonstrations are proof of the pain that our is nation is currently feeling. See some of the fearless faces that made history that night. Photos captured by Myesha Gardner.