10 Truths Living In New York City Taught Me


It’s officially been one year since I’ve moved to New York City from Cleveland, Ohio. My experience living in Brooklyn has definitely been one of the most life changing experiences I’ve gone through. I've done a lot of self-discovery here. Not only my mind and spirit, but my body has gone through an awakening as well. My body has adapted to what it truly likes, anything all organic and fluoride free products. When I let go of my past, embraced my true self, and opened my mind for complete renewal, I got to understand who and what my body liked a lot more.  Self-love, healing, and self-forgiveness were also key themes in my time here in New York. I've realized that I really love to do me and so does my universe. When I began to focus on me, thing's began to happen and fall into place. Once you start to live a life your soul is happy with, your awareness of life itself increases. I' ve gone through a total spiritual awakening and I've been  taking notes. Here's a list of ten living truths I've learned in New York City. 1. Be Patient It’s okay if it takes you some time to get used to the swing of things. I remember first moving here and hating myself for not having my daily routine down pat. My inner self was so used to the routine pattern of living in Ohio where everyone works a 9-5 and your life is basically worked out for you months ahead of time that when it came to the freedom of living in NYC, I didn't know what the hell to do with myself. Like most aspiring models that move to New York City, I thought I would find an agency during a full week of open calls, begin working this dream career as a model and life would just be dandy. I was so wrong. I got rejected from every single agency and my dreams came to a sudden halt. I can laugh at it now, just because of how silly I seemed thinking I would just move here and things would happen overnight. No boo boo, life doesn't work like that. I didn't give up; rejection just made me want to party and enjoy my summer in the city and also motivated me to work harder and think smarter. Over the summer, my routine consisted of playing tourist for a good two months straight, shopping, eating pizza, exploring psychedelics, partying until the sunrise, sleeping all day, and repeating the process over again every night. My days are so much more productive and my priorities have made me put partying on the back burner for now.

Another thing is that you're not going to get a hold of the trains instantly. Stop thinking you know how to navigate the entire transit system after you’ve only managed to get across the bridge and back in a couple of days. You will walk around like a chicken with your head cut off some days; it’s okay, be patient with yourself. If you're going to get lost in any city, let it be in New York. Don't beat yourself up over trivial things you're not used to yet. You will always be discovering places and parts of the city you have never seen before.

2. Don’t Be Scared To Be A Bitch 

The thing about New York is...you have to stand for something or you will fall for anything- cliche, I know, but so true. People will take advantage of you and use you for everything that you have. Remember, it’s okay to stay yourself and to be kind towards others, but if someone is trying to get one over on you, it’s okay to speak your mind and if that makes you a bitch then it's okay to be a bitch. People will walk all over you if you let them. If you’re not feeling something, don’t be scared to show it. You have to stand up for what your true self believes in and you’ll attract the right people into your life.

3. Finesse or Be Finessed 

I can’t emphasize this enough. You have to know how to work things to be in your favor. New York City will drain you if you don’t grab it by the horns and ride it like a bull. You have to know how to play the game or you will be played. Living in Brooklyn has taught me that you can literally finesse the world if you're smart enough to. The gypsy cabs, the men that think you’re cute at the bodega, your Hasidic landlord, any locally owned business, it’s really in your hands! There’s no art more convenient  than the art of persuasion.

4. Put Yourself On

You've got to put yourself on. Nobody is going to take your career to the next level but you. That success mentality starts on the inside at this very moment. The secret is that you have to live your life like you've already got it. Honestly, when I began to tell myself that I was confident, fierce, etc. people started believing it too. It’s like self-awareness opens awareness in everyone else. You have the option to either ride the wave or create you own. You are your own PR, manager, advertiser--ALL of the above. If you don't take YOUR business seriously, then no one will.

5. Everyone Is The Star Of Their Own Show

People are seriously characters here. Everyone is living in their own world and everyone is a diva in their own ways. You have to live in your own world, because if you get wrapped up in other people's lives you'll lose focus. I remember first moving here and meeting new friends, my naive heart would always get into the mix of other people's lives and problems that before I knew it mine had gone past without even realizing. Like damn, I was so stuck in someone else's world that I lose track of mine. Or, you might go months before seeing your closest friends. Everyone in New York knows that New York busy, where life is just nonstop and you just have oh so much business to take care of. You have to remember to keep yourself grounded and aware, make time for your friends and family, all while remaining present in your world.


6. There Are Levels To The Lifestyle

You are what you attract. The opportunities, the talent, and the people you meet here will honestly change your life. It shocked me at first realizing some of the connections I came across until I realized that those opportunities were just vibrating on the same frequency I was on. Life was responding to my efforts and actions (as it always is) and when you step back and realize that, your perspective of New York City and life itself becomes much more special and intimate. You realize that your story is uniquely designed specifically for you and there is so much beauty in that.

7. Shit Gets Real 

Some of the circumstances you face while in New York City might be some of the hardest times you've ever faced in your life. There were times when I didn't even have enough money to get back home on the train. I remember when I had been robbed; literally everything I had to my name except for my apartment was gone. No cell phone, no money, and no damn sense! Just out here looking serving the heart eye emoji for NYC on a platter, while broke as hell! But one thing being broke has taught me is that you will never stay broke and that watching Paid In Full one good time will change your life. Most of the people you meet are broke too, and others are really just living day to day on the strict finesse frame of mind. It's okay, shit will get real and that's just a part of the journey. If you're the type of girl to keep the show on the road despite of any obstacles you face, then you'll do perfectly fine. Shit gets real, but there isn't anything that you face that you are not strong enough to handle. We take care of our business and we like to keep it moving. Life brings us what is necessary for the evolution of our consciousness.

8. It’s Just Business

Don't take anything personal. Everything is just business and industry people are shady.

9. You Will Fall In Love

The architecture, the food, the fashion, the lights, the sunsets, the culture, and let me not forget the women. There is so much to love about New York City and so much to explore that you can't help but fall in love with this city and yourself. I have never been more inspired to be my BEST self until I moved away from everything I thought defined me. New York City does just that. It feeds off of the energy of your originality. You will finally feel like you belong somewhere. Things will start making sense. It will inspire you to want to travel the world and see what else is out there.

10. We Are All Just Doing The Best We Can

We are all just doing the best we can. We are all fighting our own battles and we all come from different backgrounds, stories, and circumstances. We are all just trying to figure it out as we go along. The one's that survive are the ones that act like they know what they're doing the best. We're all just trying our hardest to make it with what we've got and doing everything that we can to stay sane. On that note, make sure to give people the benefit of the doubt, regardless of how plain crazy people can seem. Show compassion for others and be patient with people. No social status, job, age, or appearance makes anyone better than the next man. It's all about the soul.