5 Things You Should Know About Crystal Healing


A beautiful, fragmented, shattered piece of the Earth that people are starting to recognize and appreciate… but crystal culture isn’t just recently blossoming in today’s society. As a species, we’ve always had a closeness to the metaphysical properties of these Earthly elements. Ancient Sumerians of Egypt began by utilizing their findings towards protection and health. The word ‘crystal’ is derived from the Greek word ‘ice’, as it was believed that clear quartz was frozen water so frigid it would forever remain a solid. As time pressed on, more and more societies and cultures participated in the use of stones and crystals. These practices became a big part in religion, medicinal uses, and protection. Today is in the year of 2015 and humanity STILL embraces these practices! Are you interested in indulging yourself? Here are some ways you could form a strong relationship and align with your crystals.


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[Pictured: Amethyst - keywords: intuition, physical awareness]


1. Do not question the metaphysical benefits of your crystal.

Crystals are beings that are conscious and adapt to their environment. They are meant to enhance and aid the fulfillment you are seeking- why doubt them? This is counter productive and you will likely not attain what you're seeking. Humor their existence as much as possible. Be open to their possibilities. You may be surprised with the results! There are hundreds of different crystals with hundreds of different metaphysical benefits. Explore your options and find one to form a relationship with.


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[Pictured: Aquamarine - keywords: courage, inner peace]


2. Keep them on your person.

When you carry your crystal(s) with you, your vibrations align. Believe it or not, the crystal systems inside of your crystal will tell you how they’re feeling. If you were to look at it under a microscope, you would see a million tiny, shattered, geometric patterns. Us humans also have our own crystal system that is quite similar! Holding onto your precious stones and crystals throughout your day will shift your alignment and bring you closer to your inner self. Sleeping with your crystals near is also beneficial, as your body is in nonresistance and therefore more vulnerable and prone to receiving their metaphysical benefits.


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[Pictured: Orange Calcite - keywords: emotional healing, psychic]


3. Put them in your mouth. (you read right)

Your tongue is a very sensitive organ that is closely associated with communication. To your surprise, you can learn a lot about a crystal as you do this, making it easier for the crystal to relay messages. See how it makes you feel. Listen to it. Remember the imagery it brings to you. Crystals and stones are extremely multifaceted- be receptive to what they can teach you.


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[Pictured: Polychrome Jasper - keywords: stability, creativity]


4. Experiment with them.

When connecting to the divine, I found a good form of meditation is to play with my stones and crystals. Perhaps arrange them in a symmetrical pattern, place them on your lovely window sill, incorporate them into your art.. Remember that these elements are YOURS, at YOUR disposal. Some have metaphysical benefits that will pair with others wonderfully. Mix and match. Have fun with them!


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[Pictured: Crysoprase - keywords: prosperity, balance]

5. Share the love.

Some beg to differ, but I love to give my crystals away. After I’ve meditated long and intensely with a crystal, my energy is deeply rooted inside and I love to pass it forward to someone who may need it. Receiving them back is rewarding as well, as the other person’s energy has been absorbed. Could be a very positive, growing experience for the two of you!


All photos by Macy Wilson, 2015

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