Double The Worth: Meet Bilingual On Air Personality @itsjesperez


Courageous, funny, and lively are just a few ways I describe Jes Perez. Along with her big vibrant smile, Jes is one of the premiere Latina’s breaking ground in the entertainment industry. After spending much of her childhood in the Dominican Republic, this Brooklyn-born hard worker obtained a degree in Video Arts and Technology and has been working none stop ever since. Jes honed her hosting and productions skills by completing many industry internships. From being featured in various national television and magazine campaigns, and music videos; Jes has carved out a noteworthy lane for herself in the up and down industry of entertainment.

Having achieved so much already, Jes continues to push herself to pursue new opportunities and further her career. She is currently the first Multicultural Bilingual host for Radio Disney New York. She also created her own video series, Industry High, where she aims to inspire viewers to pursue their dreams in the entertainment industry.

In the interview below, Jes talks about her career in entertainment, staying balanced and motivated, and her fearlessness.

What made you want to pursue a career in the entertainment industry?

Since I was a little girl I always knew I wanted to pursue a career in entertainment. I saw myself as a television/radio host. I remember I use to imitate the news reporter from Primer Impacto on Univision. I used to run and grab my dad's glasses and my mom's skirt or blazer, and impersonate them. I would tell my mom, “One day that will be me on TV.”

I must say that the journey continues... What really made me pursue a career in the entertainment business is my passion for people. I feel my positive energy, and my social skills is something that I want to share with the world. If I can make a difference by utilizing my talent to change the world-let that be my purpose...

Also, I feel like this entertainment business is for people who really want to do better and be better, for those that seek their own opportunities-- I'm definitely about that life!


Are you working on any special projects outside of the entertainment industry?

This is the second year where I will be collaborating with Mortales Art Center, which is an organization within the Department of Education of the city of New York. This organization helps Latino children continue a formation in communication, singing, dancing, and acting. They conduct workshops and bring industry professionals to help children pursue a career in the arts. I'm so happy they chose me to host their second annual Kids Fashion Week show this summer! I look forward to working with these beautiful and talented children again. Those who know me, know that I am very passionate about working with kids.


We all have our bad days. How do you keep yourself motivated and encouraged?

Many times, when the going gets tough, I honestly love working out. The gym is my motivation because when things are not going my way, the gym is my escape. I still feel like I'm working on ME physically and/or mentally. Last but certainly not least, I pray a lot. I walk by faith, I am God-Dependent!


How do you stay balanced in this busy chapter of your life?

I don't try to be anyone else. I like to make a conscious decision each day I wake up that it's 100% okay to be myself, and to make no apologies for that. I also like to focus my energy on determining what's right for me. And yes I love to work hard, but I also like to reward myself ("Turn Up" hahaha) just once in a while. My motto: Live life to the fullest! Another balance in my life is my family, God, and my closest best friends. I think without those three foundations I would probably be lost.


A lot of what you do relates to one common goal, inspiring others. Where did the desire to do that come from?

I love this question. The desire to inspire others really comes from my father, my super hero. (I have tears of joy writing this because it's been three years since I last seen him.) My father is one of the most humble/giving, and big hearted human beings I know. I remember as a child, growing up in the Dominican Republic, I would see how caring and giving my father was to those in our neighborhood. He would go to our backyard and grab the lettuce, oranges, plátanos, you name it (he's very into agriculture), but he would grab everything that he had planted in our backyard, to feed those that were in need (and he still does). My father has instilled in me the value of generosity. Watching my father doing this act of kindness made me think, if I could continue doing what I love, and give back to others that would be a blessing from the sky.


What makes you fearless?

Simple. I don't take no as an answer. I like to take action. I embrace fear, I act upon it, and put my dreams on my daily to-do list. I'm Fearless because I never give up. Never.

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