' Impression' - A Photo Series That Looks Into The Imprints That Under Garments Leave Our Bodies


Need A LiftThe photography series of photographer Justin Bartels captures the impressions and imprints of the fashion that women wear in order to attract people and the effects it literally has on their bodies. It hurts, binds and imprints their skin leaving temporary marks after the clothing is removed. This photo series was documented in 2012, but still deals with many issues that are present today in the fashion industry. As clothing is getting tighter and more conformed to the body, women are buying the price to look " ideal".

Many of the images deal with personal under garments such as bras, underwear and corsets. You can see when looking through the photographs that the markings are due to the tight fit that a woman should achieve in order for the garment to look proper. The remaining marks make the viewer wonder why women not only today, but through the ages went through these sorts or ordeals in order to look “ good enough”, in order to attract the person of their interest.



Source: justinalexanderbartels.com

One of the more concerning photographs deals with the use of corsets in order to make the body appear slimmer to on lookers. The constricting lining to form the corset along with the strings that must be laced tightly together to get the desired fit leave horrific marks on the body once the material is removed. It is a worrying concern of why women would go through so much pain and discomfort in order to change the way that they look.

Head Turning Heels

‘ Head Turning Heals”

Source: justinalexanderbartels.com

Another one of Bartel’s photographs is an image of the marks after the removal of sandals from the feet. You can see from the image that the material has dug into the skin, making it uncomfortable for the wear.

These images raise many questions as to why women will go through so much discomfort in order to get a couple of looks from potential admirers. What kind of society do we live in that women feel the need to put themselves through any sort of unnatural feelings in order to get the image that other people think is the right look?



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