Emotional Delusion And Our Choices In Love


After recent experiences, I came across this theory that my ego suffers from emotional delusion. I am defining this in my own terms, and I am not claiming this to be some all-knowing truth; no deep philosophical concept, just a theory. My theory of emotional delusion states that it is not the desire or the person itself that is loved, but rather the ego’s emotional attachment to the desire that causes the illusion of love. An example of emotional delusion would be dealing with a boy you ‘thought’ you had a crush on, only to find out that he’s really an asshole. That is not being in love, that’s being completely freaking delusional. We have all been a victim to it. Another example could be the long-lived phrase money doesn’t buy happiness. How often do we find that the people that proclaim ‘money over bitches’ are honestly unhappy with themselves? Do you think people are truly happy when they are shaming love - the most powerful force in the universe? I know some people that are obsessed with the idea that nice cars and having ‘bitches’ and ‘racks’ can equate to true happiness. I say it in light, but there so many people that worship materialism and it has affected the masses. Emotional delusion.

I came to the realization that I was in the majority of my relationships, not because I really liked them, but it was because I liked the illusion of what we were. My brain pointed out physicality’s that would rationally make sense that I was happy i.e, boyfriends with good jobs, good reputations, great style, maybe even a car or their own place, etc. But what is it that I really, truly liked those guys for? Was it for who they were? Or did I allow the long list of physicality’s define what my love was?

In hindsight, I realize, damn, I really wasn’t all that into him. It was the illusion of what looks or seems like a good man for me that defined my love. This definition clouded me from listening to my heart, which was guiding me towards the truth. I would always have a little voice in my head that said, he’s full of shit or you know damn well that he’s not meant for you. I recently fully understood that all of my relationships have been a reflection of myself, and the more I get to know myself, the less I am willing to settle for a relationship just to be in one. If it is not a reflection of my true self and values, I don't want any parts of it.


Why is it that as humans, we neglect our intuition and signs from the universe? We have all of the answers in our hearts. It really is that easy. Everything you seek is inside. Yet, we neglect it because we are swayed by the illusions that society has taught us to deem okay and not okay. Society says, yes having this home, or this car, or wearing these clothes will make you happy. When unfortunately, that is not the truth. After the materialistic high fades away, you’re just stuck like ????

I found a similar comparison to the human intuition in the book, The Alchemist by Pablo Coelho. The Alchemist is a story about the journey of a man that leaves his life as a shepherd behind in pursuit of his dreams. He worries that the sheep will be clueless without his guidance, but then realizes that the sheep have instincts that will guide them along the way. Just like animals, we are born with intuition to help us make every decision that is right for us. We have to trust in the intelligence of our hearts, because it is through that knowledge that God speaks to us. It is in our vibrational nature to figure things out for the better of our being. We have to learn to be receptive of our intuition. Our soul speaks to us, and our  soul speaks the universal language of the world, love. In that language our deepest dreams and desires speak to us. Our heart, love, God, The Universe, Budda, Jesus, The Source; whatever you choose to call it is our shepherd, forever guiding us in the path of life. But we have to remember that we too are equipped with divine knowledge. Sometimes we have to take a step back, and just shut up and listen. ????





From now on, let's try not to allow emotional delusions to control our actions. The more your actions honor your soul, the better off your universe is going to be. I made a promise to my soul to put her first, and I am committing to that promise. I’m at a point in my life where I don’t care about anything that doesn’t have genuine intentions for me. If it doesn’t nourish my soul, then please get the hell out. I’m going back to where my dreams lead me, and shutting out any delusions in my sight. Next time ask yourself, am I doing this because my heart says yes or my ego says yes? Your heart is going to get you much farther than an ego of any size will.



From Wounds To Wisdom