Behind The Album-The Designer of Future's 'DS2' Album Cover


Noticed the frothy, colorful cloud that serves as Future's new album art? We did too. Diving deeper into this interesting piece that now represents the artist's recently released album Dirty Sprite 2, there's more to this than meets the eye. The piece, created by Slovenian artist Sanja Tošić, was actually discovered and purchased on Shutterstock - a marketplace for creatives to license and distribute their art. Tošić has not released numbers, but claims that she made anywhere between $0.33 and $80. In fact, the artist did not even know or hear of the Atlanta-bred Future, but she plans to listen to the new album - the one in which she unknowingly set the tone for. tumblr_nrlo3mEdIK1tk13kzo1_1280.png

Dirty Sprite 2 will serve you luxury, dope energy and overall satisfaction with collabs with Drake, Pharrell, Ludacris, Pusha T and Casino. There's no doubt that Future took his time with this one and gave the public the tight tunes they crave. Check out the first video from DS2 with a track titled 'Blow A Bag'.


Like what you hear? You can stream the rest of the album on Spotify  or grab it here on iTunes.

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