#WCW: Isis and Her Warrior Wisdom


Photo Source: Draig Ni Brighid

There is nothing like a woman’s intuition. Many times we underestimate our inner power. We are the descendants of medicine women, teachers, healers, warriors; the list could go on and on. We are magical and mystical beings. However, because we face on-earth challenges, we need a little extra assistance. That is where spirit steps in. Using Doreen Virtue’s Goddess Guidance Oracle Deck, I will share a weekly forecast for the modern woman. These will be channeled messages from Goddesses of all cultures, for personal growth; and to aid you in owning your magic.


The card reads: "Past Life- This situation involves your past life memories."

Channeled message:

Warriors, have you been feeling overwhelmed lately? Have you had any recent fears that may be new to you? Foods maybe you once liked and enjoyed do not taste so good to you now? What is happening to you is definitely not as strange as you think. Our physical shells are homes to souls tha have been on many journeys. Sometimes our past lives play a part in the lives we live today. Do not fight it, recognize it! Try doing some meditation. Maybe some of your habits from your past life have been brought with you to your current one. While it is important to live in the moment, it is also very important to understand where your soul has been. Call on me when you need assistance in understanding who you were. Write a letter to me asking for assistance and place it under your pillow...I will send you a message in your dreams.

Love & Light,


Isis is the Egyptian moon goddess of life, wisdom, and magic. She is personified as "the complete woman". She is completely feminine yet utterly strong. Isis spent time on earth teaching women important skills and befriending slaves and artists, but also listening to the request and prayers of the wealthy. She used her powers to benefit the people and is seen as the ultimate mother. She teaches us to value our relationships with other, all while playing smart and using all of our skills. Call on Isis about your past and when your feminine strength is out of balance. She is the perfect role model to modern women. Singer Rihanna has even payed tribute to Isis with a tattoo of the goddess on her torso!Photo Source: Tumblr