Introducing Our Weekly #WCW + Goddess Guidance: Vesta


 There is nothing like a woman's intuition. Many times we underestimate our inner power. We are the descendants of medicine women, teachers, healers, warriors; the list could go on and on. We are magical and mystical beings. However, because we face on-earth challenges, we need a little extra assistance. That is where spirit steps in. Using Doreen Virtue's Goddess Guidance Oracle Deck, a weekly forecast for the modern woman will be shared. These will be channeled messages from Goddesses of all cultures, for personal growth; and to aid you in owning your magic.


The card reads: "Home- Your household situation is improving, either through a move or a healthy change in occupants."

Channeled message:

Greetings my beautiful women. It is time to clean house! With warm weather approaching, your schedules will be getting busier. As you move out into the world through the summer season, you all will be spending more time outside. However, it is crucial that you keep your homes tidy and warm. Not necessarily in temperature, but in energy. You are women on the move! It is important to keep your space free of extra clutter (that will also keep stress down). If you have clutter, maybe items from a past relationship that hold energies that no longer serve you. Or, maybe the clothes you haven’t worn in sometime or piling up? Get rid of it and let it go! Move a little each day.

For those of you considering a move, give it some time. Call on me and your other guides to aid you in making your decision. Feeling cramped in your current space? You can rearrange the furniture; that will change the energy. Let the sun into your windows; Great Spirit’s natural lighting keeps us all positive. I am here to help ladies. Call on me.

Love & Light,


Vesta is the Roman virgin Goddess of family, hearth and home. She is symbolized by sacred fire. Vesta is particularly important to women and their households because of her position as goddess of the hearth; an object in which the women would prepare meals in ancient Rome. Call on Vesta when you are seeking positive changes for your home and living situation.