Street Style At The 2015 Afro-Latino Festival


If you didn't make it to the Afro-Latino Festival this past weekend, you definitely missed out. The three-day celebration capped on Sunday with a Domino Tournament, Street Fair + Summer concert at the Bedstuy Restoration Center. The multi-faceted block party also included an art exhibition dedicated to Afro-Peruvian history and dance workshops. Before the big name act graced the stage, Fearless Leon went around snapping photos of other conscious minded individuals who's style stood out. We asked them who they represented and what inspired their looks. From African prints, to floral patterns, here are the festival go-ers that had the highest fashion vibrancy. Photo Credit: Jon Agua.


add thisGloria, 25,

Representing Tropical people.

"My look is inspired by the Caribbean inspired me, just look at my cup."


Simon, 26, El Paso Texas

Representing Mexico hoy.

"These are my favorite pair of shorts and they were made in Zambia while I was living there. Perfect for outdoor concerts. "


Ana J. Ureña, 26, Fearless Leon contributor and Founder of

Representing the Latinos that are embracing the micro cultures that unite us as a whole.

"I like keeping my style as casual as possible. As a musical theatre major, the Lion King shirt suits me. I added earrings and heels for a little extra oomph. "



Bruja, 26

Representing Kiskeya+Ayiti

"My outfit is inspired by freedOM, Afrika, and goddess energy. The illustrations in this top represent the women before me and the women after me."


add this too

Gina Lucia, 38

"My look was inspired by the goddess of love and happiness."

We particularly love Gina's Sankofa earrings.


Mariona Lloreta, Visual Artist/Musician/Dancer,  30

My look is inspireb by Fuego!


Jessie Matias


Karo Mecho, 25

Representing the Bronx and Dominican Republic

"My outfit was simple. Work with what you got."


Karo and Bruja.


Geko Jones, 1/2 of Que Bajo

Representing Afro-Latinos at large.

"My outfit was inspired by the Carnival de Barranquilla where they refer to African music as terapia or musica verbena. Dashikis are like the uniform by which a lot of people recognize each other. That knowing nod when you see someone wearing a color pattern you haven't seen usually comes with an international story of where they got it."


He left before I was able to get his information.


Andy, 1/2 of Que Bajo

I'm representing the whole world meeting up win Brooklyn.

"My shirt is by Studio 189, my best friends line hand made in Ghana."



Representing Afro-Mexico and Afro-Chile.

"Proudly representing the beauty of nature. Flowers on my shirt coming from the pure vibes that I love."


Ana and Isaac.

Representing Puerto Rico and Afro- Cuba

Ana - "My outfit is inspired by a dashiki I couldn't convince my boyfriend to wear."


photo7 photo5

Yohimbe Sampson, 1/2 of MeridianGuitarist

Representing Africa.

"My style is inspired by world colors."




Laura Gonzalez

Representing Indigena Colombia

" I am inspired by the florals de Frida Kahlo and by the greens of the amazon."


Naana Badu and Chen Lo (Recording Artist)

Representing Ghana

"Summer energy, beautiful people and our African culture inspired our looks."

PHOTO2Laura and Myself

I represent the African Diaspora as a whole. We are beautiful reflections and extensions of civilizations and empires.

"My look was inspired by the thoughts of ancestral celebrations in the tribes of the Congo. "

Until next year Afro-Latino Fest.