#WCW: Damara + Maternal Energy


The card reads: "Guiding Children - You are good at helping, counseling and healing children. Use your skills to help children now." Channeled message:

Greetings beautiful women! Maternal energy is natural to us. Some of you may feel as though you were born to be mothers, while others may feel that they have no idea how to interact with children, let alone raise them! In either case, I am here to tell you all again, maternal energy is natural to us! My message today is a call to action. Get to know the children. Children have a light that many of you lose once adulthood is reached. Their imaginations run wild and they think in color! They are honest and carry such innocent wisdom. I am calling on you beautiful women. I call on you to be brave and to find the inner child in you. I will help. Volunteer with children. Find a group to spend some time with them because they need you. Especially our young girls. Times today are tough and what they see can harden their hearts. Strength is important, but they still need the chance to grow up slowly. Some of you were born with the natural power to heal, help and guide children. I am asking you to use your powers. To those of you who might not think that you are ready for the challenge, you are. It is just going to take a little more practice. Start by interacting with a child you know. Use patience and kindness and ask for my help. This will be so rewarding.




Damara is a Celtic fertility goddess. She brings harmony and peace to families within the household. She watches over children, helping them to maintain their innocence. You can call on her to help you in guiding children whether they are yours or they belong to someone else. Items that are green, and beautiful flowers attract her warm and kind energy. Damara's name means "gentle".