Art Talk with @SeeSantana - Blvck Excellence


Blvck Excellence is a series of ongoing works imitating iconic figures in black culture. I was inspired to do these works based on the battle cries of what is like being Black in contemporary times and how social media has been a great asset to its awareness. These icons are some of the faces that our urban culture looks up to. I chose digital as a medium because this art form is just as contemporary as social media, it is also my favorite medium to work with,  as I am as lucid with the cursor as a painter with a brush. The commercialization of these artists through my work is to familiarize the viewer yet entrap them with its' loudness and colorful pattern design.  The recycled use of a public figures image has been the trademark of pop culture since the presence of Andy Warhol. Using Warhol's technique of popular imagery, I wanted to give light to Kings and Queens of the inner -city culture I grew up in.


"Crowned King by US" (available on Society6)


"Too good to be true"


"Sweetest Taboo" Sade

"XO for Abel"


"Wishing for Whitney"


"Reasonable Doubt"


"Brooklyn's Finest"



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