August Tarotscopes Revealed


August’s Forecast II Queen of Wands

Card 2
August, which is ruled by the sign Leo, is also manifested in the form of the Queen of Wands. This is tremendous energy and a strong feeling of ownership in what you produce, being proud of the totality of who you are and a sense of divine royalty that you carry.  You are indeed feeling your best, acting your best and doing your best to step ahead of the crowd. There is a sense of separation between who you are when you are feeling wholesome and connected and who your other identity is as an ungrounded & unbalanced entity. You choose to stick with the latter because you see better results and you feel better. This month is all about celebrating yourself and making the best decisions in your own favor based on what YOU want and how you feel. You are an authoritative figure whom is filled with grace, sassy action and confidence - there is no reason why your goals set for the month will not actualize. In fact, you have much influence to those around you whom absorb this new energy that you project. The remnants of skin you have been shedding for months thus far, is stripped off in August. You are now wearing your new fur with vitality and fierceness. It is a great month to do that which has once scared us or to promote ourselves fearlessly and place our wants and needs ahead of everyone else. We are encouraged to praise ourselves and to find the blessings that we hold. The Queen of Wands is on top because she truly believes that she is divinity and always carries that power within her. This month, utilize your divine ability to shape, inspire and motivate others into action and purposeful causes.

Libra I The Hanged Man + The World + The Magician

The Hanged Man shows some inconsistency on your behalf, perhaps you feel loose, more willing to relax than to press forward as you have been doing this Summer. This card denotes a sense of guilt or inability to calm yourself down once put into motion. It requires you to get off the ladder of high expectations and to ground yourself in the manifestations that you’ve created thus far. You are not enjoying your wealth, so take it easy and savor your greatness. This card alerts us about a difficult decision that needs to be made. Either you will have to come clear about something that has been plaguing your mind, or will need to make some eliminations in your life that you know will be challenging to execute. There is no confusion about what needs to be done but there is hesitation. The result of this decision will open many doors and make your life extremely optimistic and lighter. The World symbolizes the totality of all things and living life as if all things are possible. This is a very expanded perspective to have and it enables you to connect with some deep & spiritual human beings whom also share your philosophy. You gain a broader understanding of your function in this world and why you do things you do; and you have no reservations about it. This influence allows you to share your colors with the world and to make your impact on any level necessary. You throughly enjoy building connections and learning from those around you at this time. The World can be foreign influences that leave you inspired by its aesthetic; you may find that you are incorporating some of these flavors into your own artistic expressions or style. August is a massive awakening for you, the realization that you have everything you need and have been playing around at this point, jolts you into the position of the Magician. This card is all about utilizing your will power to get exactly what you want, even if you have to play dirty. The Magician brings the element of self-realization and the direction to guide yourself straight forward into your dreams and goals. Every person, situation, environment, feeling serves an important lesson for you and you are skilled at putting these pieces together. This month you are the mastermind of your own projects & of others as well. Be sure to take advantage of your skill and logic, employed in the correct manner and you can open wondrous doors for yourself.

Scorpio I Page of Pentacles + Knight of Wands + Ace of Swords

Card 5The Page of Pentacles is our pursuit for a strong foundation in all areas of our life. We are challenged to peek inside of our unconscious actions and motives of operation. Are our lives in harmony? Are we happy with what our love, finances, career, creativity, spirituality, family, health reside in or is there room for improvement? The Page of Pentacles carries multiple messages for you this month in regards to our current standing. If something is loose and in danger of crumbling, you will take note of it this month, in some shape or form. It is important to have everything solid and going along a guideline that you have organized in your mind. One loose strand may cause the whole building to crumble. This card generally bring exciting news regarding money and opportunities for expose (or ways in which we generate money). It is important to not be shy or introverted this month because much of your energy will be spend on building connections and expressing your passions and talents. The Knight of Wands indicates travel to an exotic place, or one that carries a strong connection with your interests. This knight is fiery, impulsive yet passionate and deliberate. This is a great influence to inspire you to finish old projects or initiate conversation with those whom we feel disconnected to. Any loose ties in your life will be remedied with the confidence that this Knight brings. You will feel a sense of renewal and purpose as you approach the middle-end of the month. You feel eager to get out of a phase of your life that has left you feeling little, powerless, or incompetent in some way. You are ready to truly use your full potential without worrying about other’s opinions or needs. This time is all about exerting your best self and saving yourself instead of others. The Ace of Swords communicates that you are to be mindful of the energy you keep around. Be mindful of how you project yourself and carry your best intentions. There is no room for irrelevant behaviors, unclarity, uncertainty, or ill thoughts. You must be on your side at all time but ensure that those around you also support your cause. This card can symbolize that you are very good at gathering other like-minded individuals and getting them to collectively complete important projects that can propel everyone’s interest forward. A leader, you are to eliminate all distractions and lead with your truth. Do not be afraid to tell it how it is because you will gain much respect that way.

Virgo I Strength + The Moon + 9 of Wands 

Card 3Strength embodies a strong sense of connection to yourself; you are willing to defend your opinions and beliefs regardless of the cost and will be living life freely this month more than you have ever been. The opinions and suggestions of others take a backseat, as you explore what it means to be uninhibitedly you. August is all about self-compassion and sharing the best of you with others around. Your perception of self is growing to include new ways of healing, grounding and relating to the world around you. Instead of reacting, you are learning how to empathize with others so that you understand their mechanisms and where they come from, this is very wise. This month you are extremely patient with yourself and the personal process of maneuvering through life. There isn’t a sense of rushing or losing/wasting time but you are gradually getting acquainted with your own pace, knowing that everything is done in divine time. The Moon illuminates our shadow side, an aspect of yourself that you’ve grown to be comfortable with. This is beautiful. August presents itself to be a month of liberation and acceptance of self. You don’t feel the need to explain your being to anyone as you are also learning why you are the way you are and are getting increasingly good at predicting your own temperaments and outcomes. This is a heavy psychic influence showing that you will be paying tribute to your ancestral roots or will be embarking on research regarding your past and metaphysical interests. Much will be revealed to you regarding your family history that will enlighten you and enable you to understand emotions and possibly secrets kept until now. The 9 of Wands shows some hesitation, you are reluctant to share yourself with others at this time because your focus is targeted to your internal nature. This may also point to some distrust and uncertainty that you carry for other individuals in your life. It is indeed a time of cleansing for you, you are organizing in your mind what you should be focusing on and what are mere distractions. In the meantime, you may have individuals come and go, changes at work, random realizations of your intention and purpose in daily life, coupled with the moon, this influence can bring much clarify but a jolting awareness that you will have to change elements in your life. August may have you going in fluxes but overall it is a great time to lock in place the life you want to actualize by the fall.

Capricorn I The Hierophant + The Magician + The Devil

Card 6Energetically, you are connected and aligned with your higher self. This means that you are very much aware of the information that is coming through to you, especially for you. You feel uninhibitedly guided by source, aware of what avenues you need to take and what your responsibilities are in order to manifest your dreams. Everything is stored inside of your mind to be implemented one step at a time at a graceful pace. You have been accessing tremendous wisdom and power and do feel quite in control of your own being this month. This month you are elevating spiritually and in other areas of your life, there is great improvement and happiness in store for you due to your enlightened maturity and strong sense of worthiness and purpose. You may find that you indirectly inspire others around you due to your laser aim towards goals and improving the self. August inspires you to make a direct change to the world, and you may feel propelled to express your inner most thoughts in an artistic statement. The Magician indicates that you are intent in letting everyone know your message and power. It is the card of immense will, directed focus and transformation. You know you have great things to do and until now, may have felt that you’ve slacked off. This energy that you feel, gets you to gather others for a similar cause, enabling all of you to use your resources to make a grand impact in some way. There is success in all that you do this month and never a moment of doubt because of the clarity you hold regarding your moves. The Devil brings about a sense of temptation. With all this momentum, requires hard work, commitment, organization and dedication. You have to be aligned with your own vision that you support yourself before supporting anyone else. This is a marriage to the self and if you don’t have your own back, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, then your cause is a lost one. The Devil appears when we are tempted to resort to lower vibrations, outbursts or are more prone to react than to be thoughtful with our actions. This will take some practice and if you are focused on how you want to feel and place the importance of your emotions first, things will be much more maneuverable as the month goes along.

Gemini I 5 of Pentacles + 4 of Pentacles + Page of Pentacles

Card 7August is a good time to repair your inner body and heal yourself all around. The 5 of Pentacles suggests that there are some loose ends inside of you, unexpressed emotions or resistant emotions that you have yet come to terms with. This is an excellent month to let go of past baggage and start new again, as a refreshed and reinvented identity. You need to catch up with yourself, drop the old skin and build your inner being to reflect the thoughts that you pride on. This influence can also indicate the need to save other people, you may have individuals gravitate to your energy, wanting to take part of your magic. It is important to support your friends and loved ones but be mindful of your boundaries and the need for solitude. This card can suggest bouts of isolation, rest and rejuvenation; it is extremely important for you to learn what this means for you and to have established your own self-care regime. You are coming out of a period of feeling impoverished, or an extreme sense of lack. Although inherently you know this is not true, remnants of the past and how your mindset has shaped past circumstances all lead to the mentality of unworthiness. This is something you’ve been battling for quite some time but August brings all of these struggles to light for you to resolve. The 4 of Pentacles can indicate the need to keep to yourself and not spend money excessively. It is being mindful of how you spend your energy and monitoring your productivity. You feel strongly about living on purpose and having a reason for your methods. This is a shift in your behavior because you become adamant about accomplishing many things all at once and discovering your personal greatness in the process. An exciting time for you, the lessons learned during this influences expand your knowledge of energy exchange and abundance. You will have increasing prosperity and a place to express all your pent up emotions and energy by the end of August. The Page of Pentacles is making moves to solidify an investment. This could mean a full commitment to a new project, purchasing a new home/apartment, deciding to take a trip to an ideal destination, or wanting to go the extra mile with that special person. It is a sign of maturity and relaxation; you have been parenting yourself well and results show. You are no longer afraid to reach out and grab what is divinely yours, no longer asking for permission or validation from other people. This is pure nakedness and a freedom you’ve yet to experience. Bask in your new self.

Cancer I 10 of Pentacles + The Sun + 7 of Pentacles

Card 8The 10 of Pentacles is the result of good decisions being made, prioritizing with fairness to those around you and allocating your energy equally to your passions without misbalance. It is the card that indicates you are to encounter much abundance this month: new friends, growing finances, improving health & relaxation, feeling vital and confident - it would seem as if you have transformed into a new identity. You feel extremely happy with the way your life is going and thoughts about your next frontier are entering your mind because you want to know what to conquer next. Gifts are presented to you this month, stay receptive to any form in which they take. It’s a great month to spend time catching up with friends and family, possibly building up on your relationships with them and being more transparent and intimate than how you usually are. In many ways, this is your foundation and your center, it’s important to let everyone know of your growth process and how you have changed thus far. The 10 of Pentacles is also an indication of long lasting success and what you have been working towards thus far. The Sun is an indicator of new beginnings and a change in your cycle. This is a brand new page, leave any negativity behind and learn from past challenges/set-backs to prepare yourself for this new phase of life you’re entering. Don’t victimize yourself or feel bad for what already is, this is a beautiful opportunity to prove to the universe how you’ve integrated these lessons and transformed for the better because of it. The 7 of Pentacles is a feeling of restlessness, wanting to be on top of your game and having much to show for it. What you fail to realize is that you can tap into that emotion at anytime. As long as you are putting your best efforts forward at every moment, you are assured that you’re doing all that you can do; there is no room for doubt or insecurity towards your own actions. This influence indicates gradual growth in your endeavors, much of which will provide financial security and grounding.

Aquarius I 4 of Wands + Knight of Cups + 2 of Swords

Card 9This is an extremely harmonious and bonding time for you. You will be feeling like you are on top of the world in August, with the need to nurture and provide for others because your positivity is at an all time high. The 4 of Wands is a serious commitment that will be solidified this month. It could take shape in a variety of ways; commitment to your health/spiritual/emotional needs, solidifying a new or growing relationship, venturing into a new hobby or work, or making a long term plan that will require dedication and consistency on your behalf. This influence is a result of you feeling extremely confident in your work and the way in which you carry yourself. It is an excellent time to bond with your family & friends and to perhaps document some intimate moments for memory sake. You will be feeling creatively impulsive, wanting to place your mark on all things and to impact all things at once. Go with the flow and see where your creations take you; expect to think out of the box. The Knight of Cups reveals a more sensitive and romantic side to you. You have much to say about love & the experience you have thus far and are in tune with your sexual and emotional needs more than ever. This may be a time where you transform into a sexual wolf on the prowl, or reminisce on your past longings. Regardless of what you may think of your tender and raw state, this is a beautiful aspect of you that only a few know about. Don’t mask your deep feelings with unemotional sex or cravings for things that really don’t feed your soul, instead turn it into art or express as you will freely and in a healthy manner. The 2 of Swords always indicates some hesitation and doubt. This may be directly in relation to your love situation or lack there of. You’ve been meaning to make a decision but cannot let go of circumstances still replaying in your heart. It is quite the emotional time for you all around and this is because it hurts to grow and you’re being forced to face what you’ve suppressed for all this time. Bear in mind that it takes two to tango and selflessness goes a long way if merited by the other party. Although, you may force yourself to think logically or play a role which makes you feel on top of a pedestal to hide what is, it is not the time to lie to yourself or play games. Allow your rough emotions to be because they are as equally valid as the pleasant ones and deep in the abyss there are some serious answers to questions that have been provoking you for years. If you choose so, August will be the month in which you crack down on your hard exterior and being sharing your intimacy and true spirit with the world.

Sagittarius I 5 of Cups + 9 of Swords + Wheel of Fortune

Card 12Emotionally, August can be a heavy time for you, there is mental activity going on and a struggle to make light of the recent changes in your life. The 5 of Cups is the feeling of loss, it may symbolize your state of remaining locked in the past contemplating over lost opportunities, mistakes and emotional sadness. It is important to know that these all served as a stepping stone to the destination that you cannot make sense of. Every situation has taught you a valuable lesson but you’re energetically still tied to the feeling of regret and attachment. It’s as if you are pulled into two place and you don’t have the consciousness or strength to pull yourself out of it. A mourning period, you can take this time to grieve over your past self and the decisions that were implemented at that time because you are still very much deep in a transformation process. Don’t expect to gain much clarity during this influence, you are meant to shed and release what has once kept you back. The healing process is very much already done, you just have to realize that you’ve already crossed the bridge into a better & happier you. The 9 of Swords indicates reoccurring anxieties, worries and fears that attack you in unexpected moments throughout the day. These are your friends and they come to visit when they need your attention. They seek understanding and clarity but by resisting the negativity, it persist. Don’t try to mask what is, but seek to understand yourself and why you feel the way you do. Give yourself some space in the meantime, if you feel you must detach yourself from the world, then go with your gut. Above all, this is a pivotal time to catch up with self and to rejuvenate your body and mind. The Wheel of Fortune can lead you in all sorts of directions and is the direct opposite from what you’ve been feeling this whole time. It is temptation to travel in various avenues, so much that you don’t know where you’re life will lead to. The good thing is that this is an opening of crossroads, a clarity in which you know that all things are possible and accessible to you. The more you know yourself, the easier it is will be to make the best decisions for you. TheWheel of Fortune speaks volumes about karma; this could be a time where your past resurfaces, or you gain an interest in things that you’ve felt deeply connected to but have yet to explore them. It could bring up emotions that have not been cleared out in your body but for the most part this influence is excellent. Expect to be shifted into a new person by the end of August, fully integrated with new wisdom from all that you’ve experienced in your life.

Aries I 10 of Swords + 10 of Wands + 7 of Pentacles

Card 11There is much that you need to express and reveal to the world and to loved ones around you. You feel as if there is so much energy pent up inside of you that needs to be released in order for you to function at your fullest potential. There is nothing wrong with this, but I’d advise you to be tactful in your delivery, express your mind and soul with thoughtfulness and kindness because there are many whom have your best in heart but don’t know how to articulate that as well as you. Events prior to August may have left you feeling defeated and helpless, but through this experience you’ve had the realization of your power and true self. You know you operate from a place of love and healing and it is difficult to comprehend how others don’t follow suit. You are to lead individuals in healing themselves by serving as an inspirational example for them. You can’t change a tiger’s stripes, the 10 of Swords helps us to realize that we can only save ourselves and we can only shift our perspective to accommodate a new view of those around us. The 10 of Wands speaks volumes about resisting your inner fire. There is a way to you that perhaps is not fully realized or admired. You carry much zest and vitality and yet you continue to operate on a road that is rocky and difficult. Trust that there are ways to make life easier and things are not as bad as they seem. Bring out your fiery element and with the best intentions carve your own path without concern towards distraction. Those whom are out the your way, were meant to be and those whom are not, are none of your concern. You are to focus on what makes you happy and productive, but you cannot control the opinions and ways of being for other individuals in your life. Don’t even try. The 7 of Pentacles shows much promise towards your efforts, particularly in a hobby that you’ve been consumed with or a passion that has captured you for years. You are think and dream bigger than ever, again, use that fire element inside of you to propel you forward and get your personal message across. You seek to grow in so many ways but yet you do not acknowledge the growth that you’ve made thus far. Quit the comparisons and remember to resort to self-honor and praise. It’s ok to be cocky, it’s ok to be narcissistic. It’s imperative that you keep yourself grounded by channeling your energy in projects that unite artistic and inspirational beings which you feel a deep impact with. Have faith in the work you do, no matter how big or small it is. Efforts are gradually paying off and friendships build over this influence will last a lifetime.

Taurus I 4 of Swords + 8 of Wands + 5 of Pentacles

Card 11The 4 of Swords shows that you will spend much time reflecting over your life and asking yourself introspective questions about your existence and purpose. Serious and deep, you are questioning your next stage of life and why you operate the way you do. Most of what you’re evaluating is in terms of energy and productivity. You wonder about the energy that surrounds you and whether or not it is supporting force or hindering one. This is an excellent time for meditational practices and stillness. Once you have the ability to still your mind, you can access an infinite portal of your own wisdom. And now more than ever, you are seeking to find the answers yourself, instead of asking others or finding validation through other’s decisions. You are your own entity and movement; before your start moving forward, take a moment to rest and consider your next steps. You may want to change radically or shift your pace to a slower more deliberate one. Only you will know when it is right to continue onward. The 8 of Wands is immense opportunity and abundance that are falling into your lap. Make a personal experience and intend to generate these blessings for yourself before you head into bed. You will find that the next day will surprise you with exactly what you’ve put out there to manifest, in subtle and not so subtle ways. These blessings also test your sense of worthiness, not everything will be a comfortable venture for you. You will be required to think outside the box, push your limits and expand your sense of being. This could be a discomforting time for you but change is not always comfortable, you will grow tremendously and have the ability to show the world what you’re made of. The 5 of Pentacles shows the need to heal or to create some innovative ideas about healing. You are very adamant about community work and supporting others and in many ways, you exemplify this through your actions. This could be time where you feel you need to lend your energies to a higher cause, or when you actually perceive your purpose to be higher than you. It is important to know that in order to serve others, you must serve yourself. Always bear this in mind as you give, because you do not want to deplete yourself of your own infinite source.

Pisces I 10 of Pentacles + Ace of Swords + Wheel of Fortune

Card 14You’re feeling extremely confident in your ability to generate abundance and prosperity. Your manifestation games on point and you are dying to share these tactics with the world. Something about this card urges me to tell you to promote yourself and be fearless in sharing your story. There is a rhyme and reason to why you are the way you are, why you have your passions and what you can do when they are all mixed up and expressed to the masses. You have many ways of expressing the same energy and this is quite fascinating and healing to strangers from a distance. August is a month where you shine your light on the world around you but retain a sense of mystery and curiosity. You like to play with people, this gets others to tune into your frequency and open up rather easily than would have before. This influence makes you a leader in many ways, the Ace of Swords is practically screaming at you to complete a project in which you have conjured up in the brain for months now. It is saying: Why are you putting things on the back burning or waiting for a green light - when that validation comes from yourself… you already have it. The message is urgent and we are to be attentive to our creative palette and need to express a vital message that can change the lives of many. You will be gaining much inspiration from your past lives. Things that you feel radically connected to and intimate with are beckoning you to play with them and to experiment with different elements. If you’ve always dreamed of cooking and have yet to do so…then go wild. If you desire to act and are feeling hesitant, now is the time to do it. You are pulled in many directions to pursue various interests because you are very talented and your soul is in need of expressing the divine vision. The Wheel of Fortune is a free for all, gaining influences from all parts of the world and wanting to immerse yourself in cultural differences. It is a card that indicates we are to encounter a turning point in our lives that makes us more universally open and receptive to magic. Be led by your heart and do your best to not block out the good vibes. Destiny awaits you.

Leo I 2 of Wands + 9 of Cups + Page of Swords

Card 1August is all about expanding into new territory and pushing yourself to your limits as shown by the 2 of Wands. This is a very powerful entrepreneurial card that shows that you are willing to put in the work and do things your way. In fact, you have already accomplished a lot in the time you’ve been given and are ready for the next venture. This calls for planning; if you are going to go hard, you must find multiple ways to execute your dreams. Gratefully so, you are well blessed and supported by many that share your passion and vision so this is not difficult at a lll. The 9 of Cups symbolizes the “Genie In A Bottle” card, where you will experience much emotional fulfillment and satisfaction. You have no doubts regarding the direction you are going in and what is beautiful is that you believe in yourself wholeheartedly and are willing to encounter challenges because you know they shape you for the better. Your ability to rely and be accountable of self is strong; there is nothing that you can’t do during this influence so pick and choose wisely in the meantime. Whichever way you choose to do, the direction is destined to lead you to our desired outcome so don’t deliberate too hard. You must learn how to trust your instincts and rely in self at all times, it is your golden compass. The Page of Swords shows that may consider yourself a messenger of sorts. Your mission this month is to enlighten the minds of your prime targets. You have much to say and educate others on so don’t hold back due to fear or apprehension. Go forth and complete your mission because it is a part of your divine purpose. In sharing with others, you learn much about yourself and how you internalize your emotions. Do not play victim to your past circumstances, clear away energy by researching techniques that can do so and be proactive with your healing. Rome was not created in a day, and neither will your efforts produce immediate results but have faith that they are incredibly impactful and you are making progress whether or not you can see it. It’s time to believe in yourself and to push toward more extremes. Borrow from influences around you but don’t mask your identity in them. You are you, so it’s time to explore what that really means.
Photo Credit: Danielle Faulkner