#Crushin' - Why Welsh Illustrator @NikiPilkington Is Bae


Via Green Label Welsh illustrator Niki Pilkington's on-trend illustrations have gotten her work with big names that include Top Shop, Elle, MTV and Nylon (to name a few) and recently, she’s been the artist behind “the fresh faces of Le Bain’s Select Summer Fridays.” A "Le Bain summer-Fridays-kind-of-girl" is the best way to describe her portrait subject of choice.


Her illustrations are usually handcrafted in “digital-free zones,” where she’s perfected her craft—she thrives off the pressure knowing that “each hard line is fairly permanent.” Her super-detailed sketches of women-who-rule come even more alive with the addition of bright colors, 3D elements and a caricaturish touch.


Mixing in her Welsh heritage with her designs, she usually goes about incorporating different adages or sayings to her illustrations to give them even more focus.



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