Lianne La Havas Takes Over #MusicMonday With New Album, 'Blood'


Want to feel like your floating this #MusicMonday? Bubbly, lush, atmospheric vibes are just some of the pleasantries that Lianne La Havas has brought to the table with her newly released album, 'Blood'. Lianne, an English singer/songwriter, followed her previous 2012 project 'Is Your Love Big Enough?' in a strong sense, including tracks that are guaranteed to make you feel summery, light-hearted and incredible feel-good.  

"I've been saving up my time so I could spend it all on you. Oh, all I need is to see you smile; I've forgotten how to be blue. It's what you don't do - I know you love me, I don't need proof", sings Lianne in 'What You Don't Do' - as she shamelessly expresses her passion and excitement about her love interest. The lyrics are relatable, the melodies are celestial, and the grooves are deep. Tracks similar in feel like 'Tokyo', 'Green & Gold' and 'Unstoppable' sky rocketed on the charts, putting Lianne's play count into the millions.


Check out this beauty's debut music video for 'Unstoppable' - a very eccentric, #fearless move on Lianne's part. This gal surely doesn't have anything to hold back, as 'Unstoppable' shows her ability to let loose and tell the world that she is, quite literally, unstoppable.



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