Meet The Curly Girls Behind Fearless Leon


As the curators of a fearless lifestyle, we are continuously brewing up creative content that reflects our individual and inclusive growth. In honor of our on going pledge to be fearless, we wanted to share our thoughts about what it means for each of us. We had a lot of fun at the Grove Alley in Downtown, Brooklyn. Thank you to the beautiful Myesha for the great shots.  Photo Credit: Myesha Evon 


What makes me fearless is that I always put my character first. It takes courage to be able to stay true to yourself regardless of your ambitions and the expectation of others. In the age of social media, it is easy to forget that intentions and integrity matter. This is because integrity cannot be bottled, promoted or liked. Nothing that I do, listen to or think is for the hype or an image. Although at times I have struggled with whether I should change in order to promote, I have always remained true to myself and have remained at peace with the person I've worked hard to become. I am constantly learning and have acquired a lot of wisdom, but because wisdom has more value when it comes from personal growth, not all wisdom is meant to be shared. Some wisdom is meant to be found and lived, even if it doesn't service an image. I think the fact that my integrity and character outweigh everything else the world may bring is what makes me fearless. I will never be afraid of loosing myself. It is a self-love for the ages ????


My authentic and honest spirit make me fearless. I have an open mind and an even bigger open heart. I work hard with passion and cherish my intuition. My grind is strong but my soul is stronger. That's what makes me fearless ????




Being a social minority in every sense of the word. In skin color, culture, ethnic background, orientation and fashion tastes as well as career choices. I've always been in a position of disadvantage which I believe has made me make the best of my situations. I know that the position the universe placed me in was for a bigger purpose and that makes me fearless in everything I do. Have you ever been black, Hispanic, and gay at the same time? How about working a 9 to 5 and the white guy in the cubicle next to you makes more in New York City for doing the same tasks? Being fearless is a lifestyle, which made me gravitate towards the creative development of Fearless Leon and I haven't looked back since ✨


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Being fearless is more than just a state of mind, it's a way of life. I first realized that I was fearless when I made a promise to FIGURE IT OUT. MAKE IT HAPPEN. DON'T TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER. Life has given me many tests. Some I've passed, others I've failed, but the outcomes have increased my blazing courage to get back up. We must all understand that fear is a feeling, not a fact. Learning how to have a open relationship with this feeling, learning how to direct and re-purpose this feeling is what makes me fearless. Fear can keep us away from many many blessings. Whether its fear of failure, of success, of rejection, of pain and/or of the unknown, they all affect us. Listen to your fears, have a conversation with them.

I believe that being fearless is a cosmic strategy directed at our souls. It's inside all of us, but not all find it or tap into it.


What makes you fearless? Share your comments below.