Oh My Goddess: Rebirth of The Fire


The man that woke up one day and decided to leave you. That hair-dresser that got a little too scissor happy and cut off all your hair. Your landlord that shows up to your door one day with an unexpected eviction notice. ….now what? Oh Lawd... 0d681265b72dc16f5025846f2244f4ae




“The secret of life is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” - Socrates






In death or the end of any phase, there is rebirth - transformation. It is part of the cycle of life.  Nothing ever truly dies. The energy is simply transmitted. We must learn to accept this as our rebirth, embrace the unknown, and our time to channel our energy elsewhere. We have to understand that a certain period of our life ends because it has served our soul’s purpose for us in this lifetime. Stop going back to those old habits and replace them with new ones. It is our foundation on which our next chapter stands on. Just let that shit go. Stop giving effort to the same cycles, it's going to give you the same results. Let it go. Open yourself up for new ones. Think about evolution. The late Charles Darwin spoke of the survival of the fittest in his theory of evolution. The strongest species that survived were the ones that bossed up and adapted while the weakest ones died because they did not adapt to change. Change is very, very natural. It starts with a rebirth. It's such a blessing to end a part of our lives.


Thank God for goodbyes! Could you imagine a life without change? I would still have my caterpillar uni brow from middle school if I didn't learn to let things go. Yes the tweezing process was painful, but your girl's eyebrows are on fleek now! The pain was all for the better purpose! It's not going to be easy to let go; it never is. But we have to accept the end of things to start again. People often use the saying 'blessings in disguise', but it's really not even in disguise. It’s simply a blessing because we are fully aware that it is over. We see it. Pay attention to the signs. God will yank you out of a situation to take you to a better place. Remember the time you caught your partner in a bold faced lie. Or read those screenshots that broke your heart. What a jerk! But, my goddess, remember that the Universe shows you what you needed to see. Mother Nature even reminds us every month to purge everything and throw out the old with our menstruation cycles.  Each month we are reminded of that cycle, the releasing, cleansing, and detoxification of our past.

If we decide to go against the universe - we are going to be fighting our truest self. Only you understand how strong you are. Could you imagine fighting yourself? All I know is damn, I'm a heavy hitter and either way I'm going to lose that battle. When you compare your life to a story, that story becomes stagnant-boring-unfulfilling; if you keep reading the same old chapter. Keep going. Move forward. Your dreams are waiting for you, but you have to keep on writing your story. Make the conscious decision to change your life, and watch the Universe work in your favor. Life is magical once we allow that magic to happen.

No matter how hard it is to accept a new beginning, we have to embrace it for the sake of our being. Our inner goddess is fierce, strong, and capable of taking on any force thrown her way.  She may not understand change at first, but once she accepts that it was necessary she uses her energy towards the bigger picture of her purpose. She is enough. She takes the first step in confidence towards her dreams, because her feelings reassure her that the visions that she sees are real. The overwhelming passion will not be silenced until it’s manifested in her physical reality. There’s your inner goddess speaking to you. And babygirl's got a loud mouth.


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