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An abundance of curls, curls, and more curls is what you see when you glance at Curly Edgy. But she is truly more than just her hair. Having been a Nauralista for over four years now, this Queens, NYC native is doing her part to educate women in the ever growing popular choice of going natural. In January of this year, Curly Edgy started her self-entitled YouTube channel to fill a void in the natural hair world. Prior to this, when she would ask other curly haired girls about their own hair care, Curly Edgy noticed that many women gave her little to no feedback. With that she decided to embark on her own path of curl type discovery, which now includes her helping other women. “I wanted to help others who are discouraged to reach out and ask for help, this way more people can embrace and love their hair” says Edgy.

In the interview below, Curly Edgy talks about her recent Alma Legends hair care commercial, her mother’s reaction to her natural hair, and the satisfaction she gets from helping other curly girls.

What does having natural hair mean to you? How does it make you feel?

Having natural hair is a blessing. It speaks volumes of your character and way of being. I feel confident and I love when people are amazed by how soft my hair is. It allows me to stand out in a crowd without a doubt. Being able to style my hair different ways compared to others is a bonus.

Why did you decide to go natural? Was there a specific event/reason that led to this decision?

I had severe heat damage. My hair was long almost down to my waist and my stylist told me it was damaged because of the heat and gel I was using. She suggested I cut my hair, so I did the big chop. My hair afterwards was up to my shoulders and it instantly became voluminous, but I was skeptical about it since I wasn't used to it. After a few weeks I liked it more and more and now the bigger the better.


Many Latinas get negative responses, especially from their mothers, when choosing to wear their hair in its natural state. Being of Colombian descent, what kinds of feedback did you receive at first? Was it all positive or negative? Who was your worst critic?

At first there were plenty of people who mocked me and said my hair was "too big" or it’s just "too much." But I didn't care, honestly. I felt confident with the way it looked. My mother actually supported my decision of embracing my hair, she always said it complimented my face. The worst comment I ever heard was from a random stranger at a festival. They came up to me and said my hair looked like a mop. It was hurtful, but then I had a good comeback so we were even ha-ha.

In recent years hair care companies have been creating products for and targeting not only black women, but Latinas too. You were recently featured in an Amla Legend’s hair care commercial. What did that mean to you? How do you feel about brands expanding and including products for different textures of hair?

I was amazed and beyond over joyed. It’s beautiful to see how natural hair is finally being accepted. I was excited to be a part of Amla Legends hair care commercial and I am thankful that there are so many companies catering to so many different type of textures. This way everyone can let their hair run wild and free.

On your YouTube channel, you post videos that range in topics from your hair care routines and product reviews, to styling tips. What satisfaction do you get from helping other curly haired women?

Knowing that people follow me and listen to my suggestions means that I am helping people. It may not be in a major way, but something is better than nothing. I’m very loving and bubbly so it brightens up my day knowing people feel comfortable enough to ask me questions and reach out to me and continue to support my journey of blogging.

When people ask me questions about how I maintain my hair, I don't get annoyed nor do I hold out secrets/tips. There is room for all of us to shine. I have made a lot of new friends who can agree and understand what it is like to have curly hair, so in a nutshell I’m glad I can help others accept themselves.

What advice would you offer someone who is considering going natural? And what advice would you offer someone who has just started the process of going natural?

I would say be honest with yourself and have patience. And by that I mean know that you can’t go to the flat iron or gel, you have to be willing to experiment. Patience is needed because it doesn't happen overnight. We all want amazing curls but you have to put in the work: maintain your hair by doing treatments, use the right products for your curl type/texture, constantly trim your hair, go to a good salon, and so much more. The journey requires a lot but it’s very rewarding.

Are you working on any special projects or videos that we should stay tuned for?

Since I am always trying out new brands and hair styles, I promised myself that I am going to incorporate more videos on to my YouTube. So yes, stay tuned.


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