Les-Be-Honest: Who’s the Man in the Relationship?


The infamous question. You and your hot gorgeous to-die-for lady are chatting up with strangers one night at a bar and they ask, “so who’s the man in the relationship?” Now of course, you both look at each other and laugh. You definitely took a pounding from her last night, even if she was in heels. Nonchalantly, you respond that none of you are, yet both of you are. Your new stranger friends are utterly confused. confused-baby

For feminine ladies who date other feminine ladies, the public as a whole seems to downplay your relationship as less serious since both of you wear a skirt. (In this case, your free drink ticket is unlimited in every bar in New York City.) Unfortunately, this an issue that most femme-on-femme couples face when seen showing affection in public. Which isn’t fair, we all know bossy ladies who push their husbands around.


A common misconception about Lesbians is that there is a definite dominant figure in the relationship. Most people make this judgment upon physical appearance although I’ve met more “masculine” appearing Lesbians who take up the submissive role in the relationship. Same sex relationships have an advantage in switching roles from time-to-time. Sometimes you wear the skirt and lipstick, sometimes you wear the pants and Jordan’s.


Respect is crucial to regards to anyone’s relationship whether it is woman and woman, man and pigeon or bird and insects.images

Maybe today she kills the spiders and cooks, and tomorrow her partner cleans the house and takes the gunk out of the kitchen sink. The truth of the matter is that Lesbian relationships operate just the same as heterosexual relationships. (Except the sex is long and steamy with exaggerated hours of Erotica.)


There is no “man” in a Lesbian relationship, then it would not be a Lesbian relationship.

I hope I cleared that out for ya'.

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