Oh My Goddess: An Ode to Sisterhood


Thank God for my sisters; my soul mates. I’m not referring to just my bloodline sisters, I’m talking about women as a whole. I've been so blessed to have so many soul sisters brought to me in this lifetime.  Shout out to the soul sisters that we can connect with and instantly vibe with. Shout out to my girls that have taught me so much about life and the woman I am. They see our beauty in the moments when we’re not feeling all so beautiful, they see the strength during our mental breakdowns, and have the compassion to feel our pain just as much as we do. It takes a lot of strength to be a woman in this lifetime. It’s far from easy, but I am in with love every moment of it. When you do not recognize the goddess that you are, your soul sisters do. They are here to remind you of your gifts and to challenge you when you need to be shaken.

I am the oldest sister in my household. Being the oldest, I always dealt with getting snitched on, having my siblings willingly borrow things without my consent, and being the first one to get in trouble for EVERYTHING - regardless if my younger sisters did the same thing. I was always the one with the shorter end of the stick. Even after all of the trials and tribulations, I love my sisters with every last bit of me. Being the eldest, I find myself sometimes sounding too condescending or shameful of their decisions, like the loser my younger sister chooses to date for example. I'm not going to condone her for those decisions, it's just that as her sister I have her on the mental throne of a Queen right next to mine, and when I see something I wouldn't personally do, I judge her decisions. It's an everyday battle, but it's something we can all work on. Less shame and more compassion for our sisters.

Let's stop shaming them! Let's stop being so harsh on each other. It personally bothers me when I see a woman talking about another woman, especially when the conversation is about appearance or her decisions.  Let them do them.

We are shamed literally everyday by society/mainstream media for what we wear, the way we think, the jobs we choose, our sexual desires, the list goes on - just shame, shame, shame!

Let's accept our sisters and show them love. Empower them and share your dreams. We're in this together. Compassion is key.


Let's help them through their struggles. Pull them out of the bad break up, uplift them, inspire them and set an example for what a soul sister is. Let's be there for them during episodes of depression and other difficult chapters. Depression and anxiety are so much more common than it may seem. We have all been through our battles. If we see a black eye, should they find themselves in an abusive relationship, are being harassed or discriminated against, should they ever need us for anything--lets be right there for them.

Adulthood may lead you believe that you’re too busy for friendships. But wait until you hit rock bottom, single as hell, and can’t call your mother-- see how much you want to pick up the phone and call your sister. Don't allow your mind to make you feel lonely. You are so loved. There’s nothing like a good woman to woman conversation. Embrace sisterhood. Think about the impact of a strong sisterhood: Destiny’s Child, TLC, the Spice Girls, the Pussycat Dolls, the Cheetah Girl-- can’t forget about The Cheetah Girls! They had my entire adolescence on serious girl power vibes. Our sisters are not only our companions, but our teachers. Shout out to my girls that have taught me so much about life and the woman I am. Our sisters see our souls even when we don’t.


For my soul sisters: I will love you unconditionally, I will DEFEND you, I will always be honest with you, I will always see your inner goddess shine outward, I will embrace you to be the best you, and I will always be there with you. I will help you apply your winged liner and make sure you look good in that outfit. I will be your wing woman and take you to make your plays. I want to hear about all of your dreams and set goals with you. I will help you get over that asshole and work on your getting that ass in shape. I will have the bottle of wine waiting for you when you come to stay the night. I've got your back. You are me. I am your sister.


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