September Tarotscopes Revealed

Tarotscopes are a compilation of mini-tarot forecasts per zodiac sign. Three cards are pulled with the intention to discover what is in store for you during the month. Any guidance, insight and clarity presented is to help support you in your own personal agendas.

This September Tarotscope is written by the astral insights of Tatianna Morales exclusively for Fearless Leon.

September’s Theme  II The Tower + The Chariot
While I was meditating on the theme of this month in totality, the Tower & The Chariot fell out of the deck, answering my intention immediately. These are no coincidences, falling cards are always indicative of spirit wanting to immediately communicate with a sense of urgency. This is a powerful month for re-building, re-prioritizing, re-structuring and organizing your life as a whole. September is when you make more sense out of recent situations in your life and can begin to put all the pieces together to understand how they all interrelate, you will see the big picture & how that is gradually unfolding for you. The Tower has an intimidating presence because it immediately brings to our attention the possibility of deterioration and destruction. In some aspect of our lives we feel indecisive, unorganized, potentially confused and frustrated as if you were on stand-still. Whatever is not working for you is being stripped from your life in numerous ways and you have no control of how this will happen. Be aware of the lessons these sharp turns present us. Are you gaining awareness of your preferences? Is there something that you envision you’d rather experience? Trust that the universe is aiding your foundation and re-structuring it as need be in order for you to start on a new slate. The changes that have lead up until this month, may be a result of inadequate action. There were opportunities in the past to be assertive & control your circumstances but the universe has taken the reigns, deciding to switch some elements for you instead. We could feel powerful and yet hopeful at the opportunity to re-build ourselves & our identities/relationships w/ the new energies in our life. As you get accustomed to this vulnerability & exposure to changes, you are also empowered to get into the driver seat & begin going in the direction that you’ve always wanted. September leaves you feeling authentic & responsible for self. You know you are the driving force, as shown by the Chariot, and you know how to get to where you need to go, step by step. The hard part is trusting that you can arrive there successfully. September shows you making serious moves and commitments to you excellence. You can’t work against the forces but you can work with them.

Gemini II 4 of Wands + King of Swords + 8 of Cups 


The 4 of Wands brings promise to a new beginning. This is all about self-comfort and enjoying the rewards that our hard effort and work bring. You’ve been successful at focusing on what you want to get done and managing that momentum. It’s as if you are your own little project, re-building and re-pairing what needs to be fixed and renovated. The influence of The 4 of Wands gives you much encouragement to take on more challenging matters and to dream/expand broader than you initially set out to do. It shows that you are well cared for and have many individuals whom love you and support you in all your endeavors. It’s a great time to solidify a commitment, or take things to the next level. You are balanced, blessed and intelligent enough to guide yourself toward the right direction so there is no need to second guess yourself. You have many signs and particular symbols catching your attention in life that provide affirmations and hints that you are on the right direction. The King of Swords carries some serious energy to him. Logic, stern, truthful and deliberate, he acts fast on what he wants but is very cautious with communication. As articulate as he is, he has focused on communicating his exact wants and expectations. This is extreme clarity to be received from an individual in your life. Perhaps someone reveals some important information for you that helps clear the picture in your head. The influence of this card could point out to important business exchanges, contracts being made and solid agreements that take things to the next level. There is a serious focus to this element and shows that it alters the rest of the year for you in a positive way. If you are waiting for someone to change, a situation to change, etc., then you may be stuck waiting forever. The 8 of Cups brings awareness to our emotions, when we are balanced and when we feel that enough is enough. This is about putting your emotional fulfillment as a top priority and not compromising that. It may indicate that you are to be making some truthful decisions about people, situations or behaviors around you that don’t line up with your happiness or well being. You may feel exhausted, waiting for a change but you can’t change a tiger’s stripes, you can only do what is best for you and make the decision to liberate yourself and move on.

Aquarius II 8 of Cups + 10 of Swords + 7 of Cups


Aquarius woman zodiac sign with flowers in hair pouring water

You are all about your independence and space this month, as if that’s any news, but there is a strong influence over your need to assert your creative vision and new identity. There is much self-discovery in the month of September and you are facing the reality that you’ve been stripped from some things that have held you down as long term baggage as seen by the 8 of Cups. Perhaps you are experimenting with how it feels to be lighter, or to care less of things that have once held your concern. Whatever it is, you are coming to some pretty impressive conclusions and realizations that make you expand how you interact and create in this world. September provides a very metaphysical, esoteric vibe for you and you may feel inclined to find your connection to these realms and experiment with knowledge. The 10 of Swords brings awareness to how you behave and interact with yourself. Are your thoughts self-debilitating? The swords that stab this man in the back all stem from his mind, these may manifest as excessive thinking, comparing, judging, criticism and obsessing over accomplishments you need to catch up on. Try not to kill yourself by attempting to avoid or destroy these thoughts. This is just awareness to an old way of being that is in passing. Your consciousness on the matter has expanded and you are inclined to maneuver yourself in a way that is the best for you. The 7 of Cups indicates that you are fertile with new plans and exciting ideas you will want to implement but they need to grounded. September is the ideal month to laser in on specifics and what you expect to manifest for yourself before the end of the year. It is vital to keep track of your thoughts and genius by writing it all down, not everything will be able to be executed this year but at least you’ll have a place to keep track and building on your plans. This month you become a pro at detecting what fits you energetically and what doesn’t. You don’t even bother fantasizing or giving energy to things that you don’t feel. All of September’s focus is on your development and liberation.

Sagittarius II 8 of Cups + 2 of Cups + Judgement 


Impressive that this is the 3rd sign to receive the 8 of Cups. The emphasis this month is clearly on Letting Go and seeking for energy that you are most aligned with. "Doing You” and being authentic with your feelings in the moment is a lesson that you are applying with much focus and intention. You are taking a step away from the chaos, or quite potentially observing your inner chaos as it’s going on. The focus on your inner activity inspires you to make some further changes in your life. Leaving what doesn’t work for you, or considering alternative options that maybe have never been presented in the past, is what surfaces this month. Expect to feel cleansed for a new start and further more encouraged to seek what sustains your soul and spirit. The cleansing of the old will create a void, a empty space in your life that could feel discomforting for the time being. Know that this is to be filled with memories and experiences on route that are more of what your true self would gravitate to. The 2 of Cups brings about the energy of harmony, cooperation, mutual compromise and understanding. I get these of building upon ideas and themes, making a relationship and moving it one step forward by being completely honest with your expectations and desires, or possibly presenting a new commitment or awareness of teamwork. There seems to be purpose work to be done, healing and repairing, and building upon the old. If the 2 of cups represents an individual’s influence in your life, this person is a valuable and loved asset. They bring about much understanding and you can see yourself in them. This relationship/partnership carries much admiration and respect. You feel seen and acknowledged. The Judgement card brings up an important factor: needing to make an important decision or choice on a matter. It guarantees a positive outcome, but much awakening revolves around this decision. Perhaps you are more aware of someone’s role in your life or vice-versa, or your talents & abilities are growing in abundance and you are alert to their influence. The Judgement shows that you are judging less, accepting more and going with what the wind will provide you next.

Capricorn II 7 of Swords + 2 of Wands + Ace of Cups


Capricorn woman zodiac sign with flowers and horns in hair

Be cautious of piling on more than you can handle, be it goals, fantasies, expectations or other people’s baggage. The 7 of Swords can indicate that you think you’re clever and killing two birds with one stone by tackling all at once but in fact, this very behavior can hinder your progress, slowing you down and cutting you along the way. The swords symbolize the mental realm and what it rules: air, communication, ideas, thoughts, imagination. If you care to do a good job and to execute your best in all things, it’s advised to focus on one sword at a time instead of attempting to carry them all. You may miss out on important detail, deceitful characters and the overall purpose of what you’re aiming to execute. September is the month of determination and long distance planning. This may disguise itself as events occurring in the complete opposite direction of where you want them to go. The result of this is The 2 of Wands where you may be wanting to map out all the details of your main route and any possible alternative side-plans should that be interrupted by the universe. You may discover that you have a set intent as to how your life should go, but truly no control over where it will land. You desire to experience spirit-calling, adventure-seeking, soul-food moments that bring you the sense of being alive again. I sense a change in your characteristics and you’re more inclined to be playful and spontaneous this month, just to explore your options and see where they may lead. The Ace of Cups is an affirmation of those good times to be had this month, and universal blessings/support. This card may manifest in your life as feeling increasing more comfortable in your skin and external/internal experiences. Your ability to connect the dots is at an all time high and you find yourself getting more things accomplished with ease and gratitude. Focus on what is working for you and watch how that multiplies by the dozen.

Taurus II  2 of Pentacles + Strength + Wheel of Fortune


Taurus woman zodiac sign in matador outfit and nose ring

The month requires that you work towards balancing your vices and work load as depicted by The 2 of Pentacles. This may mean that you invest more in meditating and being mindful with your energetic intentions and interactions. You have multiple opportunities to thrive and it seems like you are dipping your fingers in all of them. This is an exciting but potentially stressful time for you if you don’t get adjusted to the pace of your life and shift focus from one thing to the next. September has you smoothing out the edges of different variants of your life: social relationships, new goals/plans, self-development, career & art, communication, etc. You want to make sure everything is at a level that you are happy and comfortable with. The Strength shows that you have been very patient with yourself, working on letting things be and observing your choices. It shows a tender dedication that provides many answers and discoveries for you. You know the way to the beast’s heart is by taming it; it is less of a habit to go against the grain, when you know how to make what’s around you, work for you. The Strength points to a great deal of maturity and self-respect. You have grown in leaps and now is the time to catch up to yourself and reflect on where you came from and how you’d like to end up 5-10 years from now. It show a great deal of will power in trusting and selecting what is ultimately right for you. You may encounter situations that test your patience, balance and self-worth, but you’ve dealt with them before and at this point you know what to do and how it looks like when it arrives in your life. The second encounter is to ensure that you’ve learned your lesson the first time around. The Wheel of Fortune blesses you with many fortunate experiences and circumstances that are to support you along your journey. You need not know all the steps as you take them, but go along with the flow of the wheel, one step at a time until the other reveals itself to you. The influence of this card brings along a chaotic yet playful feel. It can seem crazy but manageable and laughable, to say the least. Don’t be overwhelmed in trying to make sense out of everything, the story is shifting to reveal a big result, play along with what happens.

Libra II 8 of Cups + King of Cups + 2 of Cups 


Sophisticated Libra woman zodiac sign with scale earrings

Once again, you are another sign in the zodiac that has received the 8 of Cups as part of their Tarotccope this month. This card is filled with supporting energy that you choose to be exposed to, it is essentially communicating the message,"out with the old and in with the new.” It encourages us to get rid of the cons and stick with the pros, even if this calls for shifting your perspective. The effect of The 8 of Cups ultimately grants you more confidence in your flow and methods of decision making. You are renovating your “house” so to speak, cleaning out your closets interiorly & exteriorly. I would consider September to be a month of great self-exploration, venturing out into territory that excites you. You’re no longer concerned where you’ll end up because you divinely trust in the outcome of things. The 8 of Cups may foretell a move, if you’ve been thinking of relocating or shifting into a territory that you’re not familiar of but feels right, then do it. The King of Cups is your emotional side showing its capacity to be productive: you are balanced and in the flow of creativity but it is not weighing you down emotionally. You are mature about emotional self-control as a result of your experience with the 8 of Cups. This is to be used to your advantage; create new material if you feel inspired. The act of producing carries immense healing power for you. You’re fertile & potent with new ideas and a potential birthing of a project or a new relationship. The 2 of Cups pertains to partnership, equality and connecting with someone who meets you eye to eye on things. The type of relationships is relative to where your particular focus is in September. This is indicative of feeling grounded and able to handle more responsibility and heavier commitments which lead to the progression towards your goals.

Scorpio II Page of Wands + 2 of Cups + 7 of Cups 


Scorpio woman zodiac sign with flowers and scorpion tail

There is a major leap of energy presented with The Page of Wands. This could be symbolic of a great move, promotion, the choice to venture out independently in the direction that you choose and not have to live a conformed life. The Page of Wands is successful with making the elements around him work for him; he has the capacity to manipulate his resources and make connections that benefit all. He is on a mission towards Kingdom and will utilize any way in order to get him there. His presence in September indicates a need to push yourself further beyond your limits and boundaries. You are placing reasonable pressure on yourself to succeed in a way that you want by your means but this is good, you are ready for the real work. The 2 of Cups is mutual support and great positive energy extended from a particular individual who sees you eye to eye. This is a strong bond of respect, trust, sharing values + a similar vision. This union will propel you in the right direction as it is obvious that there is much work for you two to do together. The important thing that will keep you grounded is physically making a plan and writing down your intentions and goals onto paper. The 7 of Cups will keep your head in the clouds if you do not ground yourself in putting in the work on a consistent basis. This influence can make you review the details a frequent amount of times before making any moves on it or may be an indication of procrastination. You may just be inundated with many options all at once. It’s best to stick to one agenda at a time and knock things down at a faster rate. Don’t feel the need to have to catch up with anything. Do things with intention & deliberation providing a sense of good momentum but never at a haste; you’ll go farther than you expect this month.

Virgo II Queen of Pentacles + Justice + Queen of Cups


Serene Virgo woman zodiac sign with flower headband

September is all about advancing in your particular interests, it points to property growth, including a new way of thinking regarding your money. Your old perspective is outdated and there is the need to feel on top and responsible of your own drive and willingness to get what you want. The Queen of Pentacles has you caring more about yourself, focusing on development and making investments in self. It may cause you to nurture your loved ones and provide them with a shoulder to lean on or a sense of ease and connection. You feel more inspired to give back to a cause, or provide purpose to something that brings great passion into your life. You’re wisdom and experience has been utilized to make giant leaps this month and this could point to more balance in your life. The Justice battles with remaining consistent and finding a “just” side of things that will make you feel more content with the direction of your life and its everyday occurrences. It encourages to break out of any mundane routine you may have that you’re not fully committed to and search for a more direct and inspirational approach. Seek to find what lights you up inside, and organize yourself to execute it. This energy inside of you is bold, direct and informational; remain focused in this new beginning of yours. You have the ability to scope out multiple perspectives, weighing out the pros and cons for you on a level-headed mind. This is a great energy to benefit from this month and alleviate any excess that is not necessary for you. Deal with the essentials as you build forward. The Queen of Cups carries a high romantic quality, this is the epitome of love, attraction, desire, lust, sweetness, romance and receptivity. This is a decent pair, combining the Queen of Pentacles & the Queen of Cups has enabled you to be fulfilled financially by a creative interest of yours that enflames your passion as it mixes the elements of Earth and Water. Expect a beautiful abundance in September, you’ve been putting in the work and are proud for it. Your ability to love and respect yourself is at an all-time high and there are many romantic prospects for those who are single. This influence brings out strong feelings of self-appreciation, lightness, flirtation, and eroticism. Explore the combinations these energies create & discover how they serve you.

Aries II Ace of Wands + The Empress + Knight of Swords


Go for it! This is your month to take a bold stand and make the committed decision to lead yourself in the direction you’ve always wanted. If you’ve been contemplating between making a choice that liberates you or provides you with the feeling of empowerment, take it! The Ace of Wands is the element that creates masters and innovators of their own craft. This influence may have you wanting to experience new genres or levels of living that encourage your freedom and fiery nature. It may be symbolic of a drastic change that no one saw coming but the opportunity was right to take and supports your enthusiasm too. The Empress is the embodiment of full confidence in self, the ability to provide for yourself and to create abundance, sustain your wealth & creative juices. This is the sense of mass accomplishment, apply the vibrations that The Empress carries into your present life, to encourage you to extend your focus longer on your end goal. She is the epitome of basking in the success that she’s created for herself and she is interested in sharing her secrets. The presences of the Empress means you are owning your own game and setting the bar higher every time you accomplish something meaningful to you. It is high feminine energy, learning how to flow with what is around you, trusting that it is all orchestrated in your favor and for your best interest. The Empress could indicate work in the entertainment industry, a recent interest of herbalism and gardening, the need to be more disciplined with eating a holistic diet and living life with higher expectations from yourself and those around you. You are birthing a variety of projects this month, knocking things down and moving on to the next one. There is positive aggression and a willingness to further exert your will power this month. You are not taking no for an answer, focusing on the finish line and attempting to arrive there as soon as you can. This is not the month to lounge around, if you have some serious interests that you’ve been wanting to manifest, the Knight of Swords will quickly push you in that direction if you channel that option.

Cancer II The High Priestess + Knight of Wands + King of Wands


You are attacking things this month, accomplishing much more than you’ve expected and expanding into new lands that you’ve always intended to set out upon. I suspect that this influence will have you wanting to establish some new independence or making a distinct clarity between the “new” you and the “old” you. The High Priestess is an overpoweringly major influence at this time. You are called to rely on your own internal resources, more than ever. She pertains to our inner subconscious and listening to our gut feelings which are informational sources. It can lead us toward the right direction and at a faster pace if you acknowledge your intuitive compass. The High Priestess gifts you messages from beyond, symbols that are relevant to your reality, intriguing dreams and alternate states of being. You may feel as if you are hallucinating most of the time or living in a transient dream world, most of reality feels like a daze. The Knight of Wands is energy that rushes along wanting to sweet away the whimsical aspects of the High Priestess. This card is a leader who claims that he can save himself. September is a month where you need no rock but yourself. Prepare to make the necessary moves to regain your power from any situation that is consistently replaying in your mind. Listen to your High Priestess and experiment with the results of what is organic wisdom to all. The King of Wands speaks of maturity and concern. This comes disguised as an individual whom is a disciplinarian but holds immense faith for your endeavors. They can see the light at the end of the tunnel where he is positioned on his throne and is always prepared to engage his personal influence to remedy a situation. There is lot of action this month and it may seem like a never-ending rotating door; one thing after the other & etc. This could be a result of all the fire elements in your space at this time. Use this force to provide beneficial momentum, but don’t burn yourself with it. It is a caution to watch your temper and stress levels this month. You are set to put a lot on your plate but you are beyond capable.

Leo II The Fool + 4 of Swords + Queen of Cups


Leo woman zodiac sign with tiara and fur mane hair

Collectively this signifies a giant leap for you this month. This change, albeit a scary risk, has been an intention of yours for some time now and it just seems like September aligns up with events that coincide with perfect timing. You are encountering the right individuals to collaborate with or may even establish new friendships and memorable bonds. Dramatic flairs are minimized, as you are predominantly focused on exploring what this new transition has to offer for you. You are uncertain that you may 100% succeed or be comfortable with this leap, however, you are learning to trust your own instincts and take things one step at a time with ease. The Fool presents to you liberation, breaking free from bondage, even mental bondages or belief systems that have held you back. You seek excitement, a renewal of sorts and now you have it. The Fool asks you to focus on developing your consciousness farther. Elevate yourself by activating your will, serious opportunities for self growth are presented but you must feel mature and capable enough to handle them. This will call for some self-discipline and a new way of balancing out the need to “go with the flow” and  creating yours own. The 4 of Swords influences us to meditate on our moves ahead of time. Where are you going exactly and what are your intentions? How would you like to feel like when you reach your destination and what are some supporting steps you can do in order to reach that place? The Queen of Cups shows that you have stuck a balance between being too hard and judgmental with yourself and tending to your wounds and past-mistakes with care and consideration. It is an extremely harmonious and loving element toward the end of your month that has you satisfied with your progress and direction. You are doing you and this brings extreme happiness, however here is where your self-promotion and marketing skills take into place. You must be willing to go out of your comfort zone or relearn a lesson in order to discover a new and easier route. Enjoy the work you put in, it is all for your personal empire.

Pisces II Wheel of Fortune + Death + Strength


September has you going in circles, mentally. So many new influences coming into your new life, new and unexpected directions that you have been taking into consideration, this is an exciting time but can also be overwhelming if you don’t take things a day at a time. The Wheel of Fortune is all about karmic lessons and learning from your patterns and habits that you may be sleeping on, meaning on a conscious level. It’s a great month to start steering yourself in the direction you’d like before the end of the year. We are at the 3rd month mark, 3 more months until the end of the year. How do you want to go out? What do you want to accomplish before the year is over and what have you taken from these past months? The Wheel of Fortune will bring elements in your life to wake you up! This may mean that you are running into the same situations you’ve once dealt with but for a reason. The universe is demonstrating to you what you are stuck on, any blockages you need to learn from is being presented to your life now. What is working for you, however, is heightened this month and you will reap the benefits from it. This will be an easy learning process if you are aware of the pros and cons in your life. The Death card is a card of transitions, you are moving from one level of your life into the next and this means putting yourself first and acknowledging your needs and comfort before others. Death may not be a comfortable time for us, it requires shedding, grieving, contemplation and growth. Not all of us are ready for change but you cannot avoid it. The Strength card reminds you that you are more than capable and intelligent to handle what is being thrown at you and you don’t have to look at everything as a challenge. Change your perspective. If you come into your life knowing that all is possible, then you are in a easeful flow and will receive the right guidance to make the best decisions, then everything else will follow suit organically. Have some compassion and gentleness for yourself this month and place yourself on the throne above others.
Zodiac Illustrations by Montana Forbes