27 Things I Know For Sure


I've learned something from every person that has crossed my path. Even the strangers that I talk to on the train every so often (the last one put me on to Faerycon). I am sure that when I get older, I will be one of those ladies that will always speak wisdom into the lives of younger people. Following are the 27 most important life lessons that living on earth has taught me.

  1. Get your eyes off the WRONG competition.
  2. Loyalty does not guarantee honesty.
  3. REAL friendships are timeless.
  4. When it comes to relationships, ACTION over WORDS. ALWAYS.
  5. Anything suppressed becomes stronger. RELEASE.
  6. Life is full of seasons. ACCEPT ALL CHANGES THAT OCCUR.
  7. Not everyone will love you the way YOU love them.
  8. Common sense isn't always common practice.
  9. TRUST your intuition. I repeat TRUST your intuition. Your heart knows.
  10. Make decisions based on your values and NOT because you're living in the moment.
  11. People who want to be a part of your life will make it their business. PERIOD.
  12. Lust should never be confused with love. BE REAL WITH YOURSELF.
  13. Lust will distract you, and you won't know that it's lust until you WAKE UP. Dare to dream.
  14. Your energy affects other people. Especially the ones that love you. BE MINDFUL.
  15. First impressions are more influenced by nonverbal cues than verbal cues. Be CONSCIOUS of your body language.
  16. Sometimes, when people come back, it is because they want to feel validated or powered by your attention. Pay attention to this, you may be in a cycle.
  17. Your vice-be it smoking, drinking, mollie's etc. they will only work for so long.
  18. Modern day society is a dysfunctional matrix. Master how to swim with sharks.
  19. What other people think of you is NONE of your business.
  20. Your job won't take care of you when you are sick.
  21. If you don't ask, you don't get.
  22. Life isn't tied with a bow, but it's STILL a gift.
  23. Success is perspectival. YOU define what success means to you, society does NOT.
  24. Once your shoulds have turned into musts, THEN you are ready for change.
  25. You don't NEED everyone to like you.
  26. Jealousy is a channel through which we broadcast our insecurities.
  27. I am still figuring it out.

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